Yoga Water Bottles – The Only Thing You Need For This Yoga Routine

Yoga water bottles are a fun way to add some weight to your yoga routine. There are other yoga tools that you can use, but with this routine, you can just go ahead and grab your water bottle to complete the workout. This is a high intensity workout and you will be sweating at the end of the session! Read the article and watch the video below!

Jasmin writes in the comments:

Yeah~ Thanks to you, we’re doing great????????
These days, it’s getting cold???? So i wanna heat my body quickly with low impact workout????

In this video, you will also find poses that are modified so you can enjoy the workout even if you opt for low impact options.

Yoga Water Bottles

There will be ten different exercises at 30 seconds each. You will complete the routine by doing the exercises for two rounds.

The first exercise with yoga water bottles is squatting and tapping the water bottle. The next exercise is planking while tapping the yoga water bottle. The third exercise shows you turning from one side to the other while tapping the water bottle. The fourth exercise is crunching and passing the water bottle from your foot to your hand.

The fifth exercise is called skaters and you again tap on the water bottle while doing it. The sixth exercise is Supermans and you lift the bottle with you.

Watch the rest of the exercises in this yoga water bottle 20-minute routine. Start doing this today!

What's The Benefit Of Yoga Water Bottles / Canva
What’s The Benefit Of Yoga Water Bottles?

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Water Bottle?

Yoga water bottles offer more than just a way to stay hydrated during practice – they can also help you find focus, relieve stress and provide other great benefits. These miraculous little containers may be small in size but pack quite the punch when it comes to improving your yoga experience!

Achieving Maximum Concentration Levels

Firstly, yoga water bottles can make all the difference when it comes to achieving maximum concentration levels throughout your practice.

We know that dehydration is one of the biggest causes of mental exhaustion – and having access to a constant supply of water nearby can be key when it comes to keeping energy and focus levels consistent for longer.

Not only this, but staying hydrated is also vital in helping us avoid headaches or poor digestion which can both have a big impact on our ability to stay attentive during our poses.

A Yoga Water Bottle help regulate body temperature

Secondly, having easy access to a full bottle of cold / warm water (depending on your preference) can help us regulate our body temperature throughout more vigorous parts of practice.

This is particularly useful when practicing outdoors in hot temperatures; sweat will naturally start dripping off you, making it more difficult to maintain balance and stability within your postures.

Some yoga bottle designs even come with their own cooling system, allowing you’re your drink to remain at its optimal temperature throughout use!

Improves Physical And Mental Health

Finally, carrying a yoga water bottle allows us to keep both our physical and mental environment healthy – reducing plastic waste by taking reusable containers with us wherever we go.

This also encourages us away from sugary drinks and other not-so-healthy refreshments. Instead providing yummy hydrating alternatives such as freshly pressed juices or homemade infusions as part of our daily routine.

The bottom line? Yoga Water Bottles are not just good for being well hydrated; they bring so much more than meets the eye – so why not give them a try today?!