Infrared Yoga – Here’s What It Is!

Over the past years, yoga has been a go-to for many people if they want to sweat it out and they do not want to be doing high intensity workouts. Now, there is this kind of yoga called infrared yoga. This is like a hot yoga, but it uses infrared heat and salt therapy. Check out the video and the rest of the article below to know more about this type of yoga!

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This yoga is different from the traditional hot yoga. Read below why there are more benefits when it comes to infrared yoga.

What Is Infrared Yoga?

Infrared yoga was invented by someone who already offers infrared saunas to his clients. With this type of yoga, your blood vessels are getting bigger and your heart rate increases.

Infrared heat penetrates better into the body and the health benefits are countless. Some of the benefits are pain relief, lowering the blood pressure, and boosting your metabolism.

For salt therapy, it is an addition to the infrared yoga that the business offers. It is great for the respiratory system, it is anti-inflammatory, and helps with potential sinus issues.

Infrared yoga is a unique form of yoga that utilizes infrared light during practice. This innovative approach to traditional yoga can provide a number of health benefits, making it an ideal option for yogis looking to take their practice to the next level and reap the rewards!

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Benefits Of Infrared Yoga?

What Are The Benefits?

One of the primary benefits is its ability to increase flexibility, according to recent studies. Infrared light penetrates deeper into the body’s tissues than traditional forms of heat, allowing it to target areas like joints and muscles with greater efficiency.

This can result in increased range of motion and improved blood flow throughout the body, both valuable aspects when seeking greater flexibility.

Alongside its impact on physical mobility, this yoga has been known to have powerful effects on mental wellbeing too. By exposing participants to prolonged periods of infrared light during practice, yogis can experience improved moods, relaxation and reduced anxiety levels.

In addition, infrared-based activities like guided meditation are often found alongside infrared yoga classes; these are believed to help with concentration and improve mental clarity.

Finally yet importantly, practicing in an environment filled with far-infrared light has also been linked to detoxification processes within the body as well as better quality sleep patterns after class has ended. These two benefits alone make opting for an infrared version of your favorite style a no-brainer for many yogis!

The advantages of this type of yoga are plentiful. Participants may expect improved flexibility and joint health as well as enhanced emotional wellbeing and better physical performance.

Not forgetting above all else its ability to produce a wonderful sense of relaxation too! So why not join an infrared yoga class today and start reaping the rewards?