Soul Flow Yoga – Spiral Vinyasa Full Body Workout

Soul flow yoga is a great yoga routine for beginners. This is because soul flow offers strength, flexibility, concentration, breath work and meditation.

The main goal here is to strengthen and engage the body and mind. In this full body workout, you will also expect spiral Vinyasa.

Key Takeways

  • Soul Flow Yoga combines a vinyasa-style physical practice with spiritual elements like chanting and prayer.
  • Classes aim to cleanse energetically, strengthen physically, and elevate consciousness.
  • The flows are set to soulful music to inspire students to find their rhythm.
  • Teachers incorporate affirmations and mindfulness to awaken inner wisdom.
  • The goal is to leave feeling stronger, calmer, freer and more connected to one’s true self.

Video – Vinyasa Soul Flow

More on spiral Vinyasa, it means you will expect poses that focus on the strength in the glutes coming up off the floor and into standing balances.

If you are ready to get this fully body soul flow yoga workout started, continue reading and watch the video below!

Soul Flow Yoga Poses

Before you start with the soul flow yoga poses, you will begin sitting on a yoga block on the mat. Close your eyes and breathe in and out for a couple of counts.

The first thing you will do is a side stretch and then follow it up with child’s pose. You will then transition to standing positions namely standing forward fold and chair pose.

After which, you will do a plank and then transition to standing poses again. The next standing poses are standing splits, Ardha Chandrasana, and chair pose.

For the balancing poses, check out the video on what poses you need to do!

Lastly, you will do a cat stretch to complete this soul flow yoga full body workout routine.

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What Are The Benefits Of Physio Flow Yoga Body And Soul

Physio Flow Yoga is an exciting new fitness trend that offers a unique combination of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This type of yoga uses dynamic stretching, joint mobilization and breath work to strengthen and loosen the body while also creating balance within the mind.

Through this total-body workout, practitioners can enjoy its many benefits such as increased strength, flexibility and improved posture while also experiencing a more peaceful state of being.

One of the main benefits of Physio Flow Yoga is that it helps to improve overall health and well-being by creating an internal balance between body and soul.

The use of various dynamic postures in combination with slow breathing techniques help to reduce stress levels while calming the mind at the same time.

A regular practice may also aid in improving mental clarity, emotional stability, mood regulation and better sleep quality.

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Physio Flow Yoga Increase Physical Strenghts

In addition to its mental health benefits, Physio Flow Yoga also helps increase physical strength and flexibility without overwhelming or straining body parts.

Practitioners perform low-impact movements with intention which works all muscle groups evenly, from wrists to toes!

The focus on correct posture throughout each exercise helps protect against injury while strengthening muscles over time. Making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

On top of physically training the body your spirit will be nourished too! As you move through each posture you are encouraged to stay mindful of your breath as well as how each movement feels in your body.

Allowing yourself to become centered in a quieter state of being where relaxation is most beneficial!

Physio Flow Yoga provides a unique set of benefits that go beyond just physical health – encompassing both body and soul!

By committing to this practice consistently over time you’ll soon notice positive changes not just physically but mentally as well. Leading towards greater understanding and appreciation for life in general!

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