Are You Healing From Injury Or Trauma? This Yoga Is For You!

Whenever you have injury or trauma to a certain part of your body. Tthere is a good chance that you do not want to move that area either due to pain or for fear that you might make what you are feeling worse.

However, it is recommended to slowly get back to getting that area mobile again. Here are some yoga poses for healing your injury or trauma. Watch the video below!

Maria writes in the comments:

I loved this so much, such a fun and helpful video!

In the video, you will see someone who was injured because of playing tennis and running. This is so great because you will see how someone with a real injury is able to bounce back with the help of yoga!

How Cat-Cow Pose Can Help With An Injury Or Trauma For Beginners

The man in the video showed the cat-cow pose that will help specifically with the back pain from an injury.

Here, kneel on your yoga mat and bring your palms forward. This is called the table top position.

You will then create a U shape by brining your head up and dropping your back towards the floor.

After which, create an N shape with your body by bringing your head down and arching your back.

Do this a couple of times and you will feel some relief. However, if you feel like you cannot do it yet or if you feel any pain when doing this yoga pose, please do not force yourself.

Yoga For Healing From Injury Or Trauma?

Yoga can be an effective tool for healing from injury or trauma by helping the body move beyond physical, mental and emotional barriers.

Physical injuries may require surgery or other medical interventions but yoga can be used as an additional therapy to ease pain and reduce stiffness while improving mobility.

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Yoga Helps Mobilize Muscles And Joints?

Yoga postures or poses help mobilize muscles and joints that are often affected by injury. Gentle stretching can help increase blood flow to injured areas which in turn helps promote healing.

Certain postures also help stretch out scar tissue which allow more flexibility and range of motion, helping the body move with more ease and freedom.

Mentally, it’s important to remember that not all progress is linear. So don’t worry if you feel like your recovery has plateaued or is taking longer than expected.

With patience, dedication and a mindful approach, you can use yoga to heal at whatever pace works best for your individual needs.

Yoga Is More Than Just Physical?

Moreover, yoga is more than just physical, it helps us become aware of our thoughts and feelings too.

Regular practice can help us process difficult emotions related to trauma, such as fear, anger or sadness.

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Yoga Is More Than Just Physical

In healthier ways and learn how to cope better when these emotions arise again in the future.

Many people find that transitioning from physical poses into restorative or meditation practices especially beneficial for this purpose.

In summary, yoga provides an array of tools for healing from both physical injuries and emotional trauma alike.

Use it as a daily practice to access greater insight about yourself, increased clarity in mind-body connection, improved range of motion plus much more!

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Yoga for Traum Healing