Yoga For 3 People? Watch This Video!

If you want to take the challenge of doing yoga poses with your friends, this is the video you need to watch! YouTubers The Rybka Twins worked with another friend to create poses of yoga for 3 people. It’s a fun video that you can try, too! If you are ready to take on the challenge, watch the video below!

Red writes in the comments:

Yyeeeyyyyyyyyyy finally it’s back I’ve missed this so much!

In the video, the three people never saw the poses in the past. This was the first time that they did and they did an amazing job!

Yoga For 3 People

The first pose shows two of the three people kneeling and supporting the other one who does a handstand. The person doing the handstand uses the thighs of the two other people as the base.

The second pose shows one person lying on the mat. The person lying down supports the back of the other person who in turn supports the feet of the third person. Check out pose number 2 in the video to see how you can do it with your friends!

The third pose shows the three people planking on top of each other. Check the video for reference!
The fourth pose shows a downward dog and the three people will create a triangle using this pose.

The fifth pose is like a huge star wherein the participants sit on the floor and the feet of each of the three people doing the pose are sole to sole and are above the ground. They then hold each other’s hands to maintain their balance.

Check out the rest of the yoga poses that three people can do in the video!

Why Yoga for 3 People?

Yoga is one of the best activities for three people to do together. It’s low-impact, easy on the joints, and can be done anywhere – from your living room to the outdoors. Doing yoga with two other people offers multiple benefits; it can help improve physical strength, flexibility and balance while providing a great way to socialize, bond and have fun!

To start, it’s important that everyone involved is at roughly the same level of ability so that no one feels left behind or frustrated. Once everyone is up to speed, you can begin doing basic poses like sun salutation or downward facing dog as well as more challenging ones such as warrior or side plank.

Yoga for 3 people / Canva
Yoga for 3 people

Need For Communication?

The key here is communication – if someone isn’t comfortable with a certain pose they should let their friends know so they can switch to something else or offer modifications.

Working out in groups also helps with motivation. After all, why stay in bed when you know your friends are waiting for you? Moving together in sync makes exercising more enjoyable.

Plus you don’t have to worry about taking breaks since each person can take turns resting while the others continue practicing. And since yoga is an individualized practice it allows everybody to progress at their own pace without feeling pressured by their companions.

Yoga for three people is an awesome way for friends and family to spend time together – not only does it help keep them active but it fosters a sense of community and connection between them too! So grab two buddies and give this ancient discipline a go. Chances are you won’t regret it!