Couples Acro Yoga: Do This With Your Loved One!

Acro yoga is a physical practice that combines yoga and acrobatics. If you and your loved one are into yoga or want to make your workout routine fun, this would be a good video to watch!

Below, you will find beginner’s flow couples acro yoga poses to work with. Check out the rest of the article and watch the video!

Video – Acro Yoga Beginner Folw

The acro yoga poses you will read about and watch in this article are doable even if you are just beginning to venture into acro yoga.

This couples acro yoga sequence can be done anywhere just make sure you don’t try to do it if you feel pain or if you are uncomfortable.

Couples Acro Yoga Poses

The first yoga pose is whale. Here, one of the people will be on the mat. The person on the mat will then try to carry the other person using the soles of the feet and the hands.

The soles of the feet will support the back of the other person, while the hands will support the ankles of the other person.

The next couples acro yoga pose is throne. From the whale position, the person being lifted will shift to throne. The person on top will put the feet on the hands of the person below.

The person on top will then sit on the soles of the foot of the person below. The third couples acro yoga pose is straddle throne. Check the video on how you do this pose!

The fourth pose is front plank. You will transition into this pose from the straddle throne pose. The fifth pose is bird.

Where you will try to balance your torso and thighs on the soles of the feet of the person below. From the bird pose, you will be doing half bow and bow poses.

Benefits of Couples Acro Yoga / Canva

Benefits of Couples Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is an amazing way to have fun, keep fit and bond with others. It’s a combination of traditional acrobatics, partner yoga and thai massage.

Making it the perfect activity for couples who want to improve their strength and connection together. Here are some of the key benefits associated with this unique practice.

Improved Strength

One of the primary advantages associated with practicing acro yoga as a couple is improved strength.

Having someone supporting you throughout each pose makes it easier to increase your range of motion and deepen stretches over time.

Resulting in increased core, upper body and lower body strength for those involved! Not only that, but these poses also help build trust between partners since they must rely on one another for support during each session.

Flexibility Acro Yoga / Canva

Increased Flexibility

In addition to strengthening muscles, doing acro yoga together can also help increase flexibility over time.

With someone there to provide counterbalance, practitioners can focus more on form, facial expressions and moving through transitions swiftly.

It’s leading towards improved coordination, balance and agility without having to worry about any potential missteps!

Enhanced Connection

Practising acro yoga as a couple not only provides physical benefits but emotional ones too!

With mindfulness at its core this type of yoga encourages partners to get out of their comfort zones by trying something new together.

All while building up trust levels which are essential for any lasting relationship. This kind of shared experience often leads towards greater understanding between individuals. Thus helping them become even closer than before!

Improved Mental Focus

Couples’ acro yoga is a great way to bring partners together while also strengthening physical fitness levels and developing beneficial mental focus.

Through its emphasis on concentration, individuals can improve their ability to keep steady breathing patterns during demanding poses.

As well working with each other in order to transition safely from one posture into the next! Give this unique practice a try today for all of these benefits and so much more!

Couples Acro Yoga / Canva