4 Person Yoga Poses – Easy

If you want to challenge yourself today and you have some friends with you, you can do these 4 person yoga poses – easy level. It’s a fun way to exercise! You and your friends would definitely want to bond over another set of yoga poses once you get through these! Check out the poses below!

Dia writes in the comments:

Thank you for sharing this exercise. Following and practicing together with you, hoping this will become a routine 🙂

These are fun 4 person yoga poses you can try today!

4 Person Yoga Poses Easy

The first pose for four people shows one person doing a plank while their feet are on the thigh of the second person. The second person has one knee kneeling and the other one bent. The third person will also do a plank but this time the feet are on the shoulders of the second person and the last person will be supporting the third person while their feet are up on the air.

The next pose shows the first person doing a head stand. The next person will be there to support the first person. The third person will be kneeling with one leg and the other leg is folded. The fourth person will do a leaning plank while resting their hands on the shoulders of the third person.

The third pose shows two people doing a handstand and the other two people supporting those doing the hand stands. However, the people supporting will have to have the soles of one of their feet touching each other.

Check out the rest of the 4 person yoga poses in the video and let us know if you can do any or all of them!

Four person yoga poses, or quads, are an increasingly popular form of yoga practice. Not only are they great for group bonding and fun, but they offer a unique approach to yoga that can be quite challenging and rewarding.

4 Person Yoga Poses – Easy / Canva
4 Person Yoga Poses – Easy

What Makes Four Person Yoga So Interesting?

For starters, the physical challenge of having four people in one pose is much greater than when just two or three people are trying to balance in a pose together.

Quads require everyone involved to move in harmony and with precision. Making it an excellent test of both balance and coordination. It also encourages trust as each person works on relying on the others for support!

Another benefit of quads is that there’s more freedom for creativity and variety in our practice. With most traditional yoga poses, there are often set guidelines as to which postures you should use.

However, with four person poses we have the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with unique sequences (while still maintaining proper alignment). This helps us break away from routine while still receiving a good workout and learning something new!

Lastly, practicing quads adds an extra layer of fun and connection when practiced with friends or family members. Whether at home or in public classes, sharing a yoga experience with others can help strengthen relationships and foster deeper understanding between those involved, providing a sense of unity & purpose to complement our yogic journey.

All in all, practicing four person yoga poses offers an exciting way to connect with both ourselves and those around us through meaningful movement. From building strength and balance to fostering relationship – these poses do much more than just provide physical challenge -they allow us to explore creative ways of stretching our limits and deepening our connections!