Kitten Yoga – This Café Offers Playing With Kittens During Practice

In Sydney, there is a cat café and in one of the yoga classes that they host, they allow yogis to play with the kittens during practice. This is a very good way to add some fun and cuteness during the practice! The purpose of this is also two-fold because the kittens that they bring to the yogis are also adoptable. Do you want to know more about the Sydney Cat Café?

Heather writes in the comments:

I would definitely walk out of that class with at least 1 kitten! Maybe 2 or 3 or 4, help!????

Yoga is great for your body and having kittens run around while you are practicing will help you enjoy the practice more!

Kitten Yoga – What To Expect

In the video, you will see the kittens just running around during the yoga practice. They are brought in by the Sydney Cat Café staff.

While doing different yoga poses, you can interact with the cats or you can just let them rest on your belly during the times that you are doing poses that allow you to lie down on your back. The kittens can even fall asleep on you while you are practicing!

Allowing cats to be on you when doing other poses will help you become more aware of balancing yourself so that the cat doesn’t fall. So really, instead of distracting you, the kittens are here to help polish your balancing skills while doing yoga!

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Benefits Of Kitten Yoga

Kitten Yoga is a unique practice that combines traditional yoga poses with the company of adorable cats.

Not only does this type of practice provide incredible physical benefits – it also allows practitioners to reap some mental & emotional rewards as well!

Benefits Of Kitten Yoga / Canva
Benefits Of Kitten Yoga

Here are some of the key benefits associated with Kitten Yoga:

  • Improved flexibility – By practicing yoga alongside energetic little cats, practitioners can increase their stretching capacity and range of motion over time — helping them move with ease and grace.
  • Stress relief – Through its focus on mindful breathing and playful interactions with kittens, Kitten Yoga encourages practitioners to stay present and let go of any anxious thoughts – allowing them to embrace a sense of peace and tranquillity.
  • Increased heart health – During each session, our furry friends offer plenty of unconditional love which can help reduce stress hormones in our bodies and boost cardiovascular health over time!
  • Fun way to exercise – Not only does this type of practice provide incredible physical benefits but also keeps practitioners motivated and entertained. Allowing them to add some excitement into their daily routine!

Overall, Kitten Yoga is an invigorating form of fitness suitable for everyone, regardless if you’re a novice or experienced practitioner!

With its powerful combination of poses and cute companion animals, this type of practice provides practitioners with all the numerous benefits mentioned above and much more.

Giving them plenty of reasons why they should give it a try!