Intention-Setting Yoga Sequence For Morning And Night-Time

The power of intention-setting yoga sequence for morning and night-time. When the week began, you were an early-rising virtuoso of productivity. A shower at lightning speed, energy bar and coffee in hand – nothing could slow you down! Or so it seemed until your day unraveled into a discombobulated mess leaving you far from reaching this weeks goals…before the week had even come to an end.

Success is all about creating habits that stick. Make sure daily routines are part of your plan for achieving more and staying focused – 12 morning/evening activities can help you make the most out of each day!

Establishing a set routine will assist with organization, productivity, and thinking clearly so vital tasks don’t slip through the cracks. Start taking back control of your life today by incorporating these helpful strategies into your schedule to get out from under any rut-induced slump!


The Science of Habits and Creating Routines

Habits and routines can have a profound impact on our lives – from the moment we wake up in the morning to when go to bed at night, many of us rely heavily upon established patterns.

From teeth brushing rituals before bedtime, to exercising every morning, or even snacking while streaming Netflix; all these actions form part of an ongoing cycle that helps keep us grounded and organized throughout life’s chaos!

However it is important not only to create good habits but also recognize negative ones so they too may be broken away from effectively. Understanding how habits come about will help put you back in control of your wellbeing more than ever before.

Routines Create High Achievers

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Through his book, Currey unveils the hidden habits behind some of history’s most renowned geniuses.

By exploring the personal routines and rituals practiced by Frederic Chopin, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, and Ernest Hemingway among others – whose practices span a wide range of styles.

He makes clear how essential it is to construct an effective mental environment if one wishes to unlock their creative potential.

Currey came to understand that a well-structured plan can help any artist maximize their limited resources and stay in control of their emotions. By staying organized, they will have the focus needed to create works of art with confidence.

Waking up early and beginning the day in a productive mindset is essential for high achievers. Tim Ferris puts together five rituals such as making his bed, meditating, exercising, drinking tea or coffee to get him ready for each morning.

While Tony Robbins relies on cold showers combined with breathing exercises and meditation. Both of these gurus use their routines to maximize productivity throughout the whole day!

Habits are our go-to behaviors, routines organize those habits into a pattern of regularity, and rituals imbue them with special meaning. They’re like three pieces in the puzzle of life – fitting together to create an ordered daily existence.

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Yoga Sequence Morning Night

Routines Put Our Brains on Autopilot

We can use our habits to drive us towards success – instead of relying solely on willpower, routines allow us to put our brains on “autopilot” and achieve great things.

Charles Duhigg’s The Power Of Habit explores how we can optimize the power of habituation in order to make positive changes in life and business.

It works like this:

Every morning I look forward to a mouthwatering ritual. As soon as my nose catches the enticing aroma of coffee, I automatically start up my faithful brew machine—it’s become second-nature!

Following that is an indulgent routine: pouring myself a steaming cup in my favorite mug and settling down by the window with it. It’s reliable and delicious, just what every hardworking person needs each day for some fuel to power through lif

Start each day by unlocking the power of routines. A simple morning coffee ritual, or other daily habits, can make all the difference in achieving your greatest goals!

Small steps taken continually will yield great rewards – something a hot cup of java certainly knows how to deliver.

Start your day with intention and end it in relaxation. Take time to flow through these two sequences of poses each morning and night, connecting to the freedom you have over where your attention lies.

Notice how quality energy courses through as you practice – allowing conscious choices for a more present life experience both on-and off the mat!

The Morning Yoga Routine

Make the most of your mornings and tap into mindful intention! Begin by doing this simple routine on both sides: As you wake up, take a few moments to breathe deeply.

Stretch gently with each inhale, allowing yourself to rise from slumber refreshed and alert. Become aware of how the day feels as it welcomes you – embrace its potential joys while being present in every moment!

Upward Salute

Breathe deeply and extend your arms to the sky, feeling a gentle arch in your spine as you reach up. Notice how each muscle is connected: rooting down into the earth with one hand while lifting towards through an energized full-body stretch on other side.

Observe how this support stays with you throughout your day – use it to remind yourself that no matter what comes next, at least you have connection back here. Take 3–5 breaths before releasing out of the pose – come back even stronger than when you began!

Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog Pose, with twist

Start your day with a mindful moment by engaging in the Downward-Facing Dog Pose. As you twist and turn, imagine saying an unwavering “Yes!” to life’s experiences – feel this positive affirmation throughout every inch of yourself for 3 to 5 breaths.

Learn how it feels so that you can carry these empowering vibes into whatever comes next!

Crescent Lunge, with Eagle arms

As you move through a plank, experience the power of Crescent Lunge: straighten your lifted leg and step it back to complete this dynamic pose.

Find stability by bending both elbows crossing right beneath left while adjusting forearms with hands interlaced if possible.

Marvel in your newfound strength as arms extend outwards; arching up into an energizing backbend before releasing energy downward after 3-4 breaths held high – finishing the journey where it all began standing tall!

Cat-Cow Pose

Take time to explore the depths of your inner self with a cat-cow movement that links breath and body. Starting on all fours, inhale as you arch your back for an energizing stretch then exhale and curl up towards the ceiling like a contented tabby.

Breaks throughout each day bring everything into focus by grounding yourself in this motion rooted in mindful connection – repeat 6 or more times for optimum clarity!

Standing Forward Bend, with shoulder stretch

As you gently step back and exhale, let your body fold at the hips as if to greet an old friend. Interlace your fingers together while simultaneously rolling your shoulders backward in order to open up those tight muscles.

If possible, allow the hands to ever so slightly pull away from one another for a deeper stretch – with knees softly bent and posture upright it’s time to take a moment just for yourself.

Focus on nothing but that breath as you turn inward towards this special place of peace inside them heart…holding still here for 3-5 breaths before returning home refreshed again.

The Evening Routine

Unwind your body and mind at the end of each day with a soothing evening yoga routine. Feel refreshed and prepared to take on tomorrow after stretching through calming poses that help you relax both physically and mentally!

Thread-the-Needle Pose

To feel strong and centered, take a moment to practice this twist. Starting at the mat with your back in its natural position, inhale deeply as you lift your right arm up high and lean into it.

Let your torso be pulled towards the sky on an exhale before twisting over onto that same side until both shoulder and cheek touch down for 5-10 breaths – use left hand pressure to increase intensity of stretch if needed! Follow next by repeating steps on other side.

Wind-Relieving Pose

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported from the stress of daily life. Lie down on your back, legs outstretched and arms at your sides as you take a cleansing breath in through the nose and exhale slowly out through the mouth.

Imagine any tension melting away with each exhalation until finally it eases off completely when one side of you is gently lifted up into an embrace.

Both hands softly wrap around either knee or shin while lifting head close to right knee for 5-10 breaths – filling lungs with peace before releasing left leg so that same calming experience can happen all over again on this other side!

When done enjoy those few moments thereafter where mind fully releases anything no longer serving its best interest – restoring gentle peace & calm within body & soul alike

Extended Puppy Pose, with shoulder stretch

Release the tensions of your day with Tabletop pose! Start by lying on your mat and then walk back until you feel a gentle stretch in front.

Lower down so that forehead touches the ground as extended arms provide support, keeping hips raised all along. Find grounding while taking 5-10 long breaths or simply relax here for however long it takes to reach serenity; no limits needed being peaceful today is key!

Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, variation

Relax, breathe deep and let go. Lie down on your back with arms splayed out at either side. Gently bring up one knee towards you as if being pulled by an invisible magnet until it almost touches the chin while holding close to your body and clasping hands around shin or knee.

Take five to ten breaths in this position before releasing that leg then repeating the same motion for other side allowing yourself time in between sides.

As air fills each lung appreciate a peaceful moment of self-care.

Be mindful of any thoughts, feelings or emotions which surface letting them pass like clouds overhead without judgement so all can drift away into calmness leaving behind only what is needed for restful sleep throughout another day gone by…

Taking the time to form daily routines can bring structure and balance into your life. Habits are powerful because once you stick with something consistently, it becomes easier over time – like a muscle memory!

Writing up lists or creating schedules may seem tedious at first but they will make all the difference in helping foster better habits that support wellbeing and productivity throughout each day.

It’s worth taking small steps right now for long-term rewards down the road.

Here are some of the things that Tony Robbins includes in his morning routine:

  1. Cold water immersion: He kickstarts his day by taking the plunge into cold water, a practice that has been found to stimulate circulation and energize both body and mind. By immersing himself in either a refreshingly chilly pool or invigorating shower, he jump-starts vitality for an energetic productive day!
  2. Breathing exercises: Tony Robbins understands the power of breath and has crafted his own technique – “priming” – to improve oxygen levels, reduce stress, and encourage positive energy. Combining deep breaths with focused intentions creates an energizing experience that helps keep him in peak form.
  3. Gratitude practice: He starts each day with a moment of gratitude, allowing him to take on the world with an optimistic outlook and unwavering determination. This habit helps foster positivity in his life by setting the tone for every single morning!
  4. Exercise: Tony Robbins swears by daily exercise to help him stay energized and focused. He gets his heart rate up early in the morning with a mix of cardio and strength training – an invigorating combination designed to fire-up both body and mind!
  5. Healthy breakfast: To start his day on the right track, Tony Robbins fuels up with a nourishing breakfast packed with protein-rich eggs, slow burning oats and creamy avocados bursting with healthy fats. Deliciously nutritious!

What’s your daily routine like?

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Intension Setting Yoga