Flipped Dog Yoga Pose – Learn How To Do It

If you’ve never heard about the flipped dog yoga pose, this article and video is the right way to go for you! You will be able to learn more about the flipped dog yoga pose as well as the benefits that come with it. There will also be modifications taught in the video below if you aren’t comfortable the normal flipped dog yoga pose. Let’s get to it!

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The flipped dog yoga is a pose where you will have one hand sticking out while the other hand remains on the ground for your support. You will be facing the heavens when you finish with the flipped dog yoga pose.

Flipped Dog Yoga Modification

To begin with the flipped dog yoga pose, you will be on the child’s pose, then you will go to a table top position. From there, you will transition to the downward facing dog and then to a plank, and finally to the flipped dog yoga pose.

If you are already open and flexible, you can do this pose easily. However, if you are a bit stiff or is just new to doing the flipped dog yoga pose, you would want to do the modification first.

For the modification, you will need to lean back a bit more so that it’s easier to do. Check out the video so you can start doing the flipped dog yoga pose!

Flipped Dog Yoga Pose / Canva
Flipped Dog Yoga Pose

Benefits Of The Flipped Dog Yoga Pose

Flipped Dog Yoga is a practice that combines traditional yoga poses with playful inversions. Making it an exciting form of fitness suitable for everyone. This type of practice offers many physical and mental benefits, such as:

  • Increased core strength – The unique combination of yoga poses and inversions used in Flipped Dog Yoga builds stronger abdominals and back muscles, resulting in improved posture and more balanced movements throughout the body.
  • Improved flexibility – These fun and exciting poses help open up tight areas while providing a full body workout — helping practitioners increase their range of motion over time.
  • Stress relief – By focusing on our breathing while in each pose we can achieve a state of inner relaxation, allowing us to let go of any anxious thoughts and simply enjoy the flow.
  • Fun way to exercise – Not only does Flipped Dog Yoga offer incredible physical benefits but also keeps practitioners motivated and entertained — allowing them to add some excitement into their daily routine!

Overall, Flipped Dog Yoga is an innovative way to increase all-round fitness & wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for total body toning or just some stress relief!

With its playful approach to yoga, this type of practice provides practitioners with all the benefits mentioned above as well as heaps more, giving them plenty of reasons why they should give it a try!