What Are The 5 Layers Of The Human Energy Field?

Do you know the 5 layers of the human energy fields? Everyone has five distinct types of energy that drive them.

Physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and creative. Each one is unique to the individual. How they interact with these energies reveals who we are as a person on any given day!

Indian philosophy offers us a unique outlook on life. Where man is surrounded not by the physical world in which we reside geographically. But instead with energetic frequencies that permeate our being.

These higher levels of energy help to define and shape who each of us are. They create individual vibrations generating an aura around every person alive.

Whether visualized as five layers or various frequency waves. This spiritual concept gives insight into human harmony within oneself and all living creatures surrounding them.

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What Are The 5 Layers Of The Human Energy Field?

First Layer Anamaya-Kosa

The first layer is “anamaya-kosa” and corresponds to the physical body.

Our physical selves are so much more than the sum of our parts. They represent a unique expression of identity brought on by an ever-evolving combination of body, environment and experience.

Every person holds within them distinct characteristics. Like size, shape, gender identification, race and ethnicity that define who we are to ourselves.

We further explore this specialness through different senses such as sight, hearing, touch or smell. Each allowing us to interact with the world around in dynamic ways!

The second layer is Pranamaya-Kosa

The second layer is “pranamaya-kosa” and corresponds to the life force. Which keeps the energy fields in motion, from the beginning of life to the end.

Our breath and vitality is our life source, fueling us to achieve great things in this world. With oxygen coursing through our veins, we become energized for a new day.

An invisible force powering us forward on the roller coaster of life that brings both joys and sorrows. Embrace your energy with open arms!

The third layer is Manomaya-Kosa

The third layer is “manomaya-kosa”. This energy generates thoughts and feelings or vice versa!

Our minds contain the most powerful of all forces. Our thoughts and emotions. They shape how we see, act in, and experience life. From the way we perceive ourselves to others around us.

Mental wellbeing is not just about being mindful. But also connecting with what truly matters inside ourselves that can lead us through a meaningful journey into life’s engaging possibilities.

The fourth layer is Vijnanamaya-Kosa

The fourth layer is “vijnanamaya-kosa”. This energy refers to our intuitive knowledge and the so-called “higher intelligence”. This also includes the potential of our creativity.

Step into your role as Witness to uncover and reveal the secret stories within. Through its power of non-judgmental observation,

The Witness allows you to dig down deep. Beneath surface thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Revealing powerful insights on how our past experiences shape who we are today.

With this newfound understanding comes freedom from old habits or unhelpful beliefs that can no longer hold us back! Be a guide for yourself.

Accept what is seen with compassion and explore possibilities through self awareness.

The fifth layer is Anandamaya-Kosa

The fifth layer is “anandamaya-kosa”. This energy layer is the state of bliss, our inner light.

Reaching into the depths of your inner being allows you to connect with something greater than yourself.

This could be in a spiritual, religious or passionate way. It is like unlocking an understanding beyond what we know here on Earth.

And gaining insight from divine sources outside ourselves.

Through this experience comes ultimate self-awareness. Offering us profound knowledge that goes far beyond our daily lives.

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What Do The Energy Layers Mean For Yoga Practice?

Taking up a yoga practice is about much more than physical health. It’s an invitation to explore one’s inner energy fields.

Allowing for vibrational changes that can help us attain true mental clarity.

When we make these layers of energy permeable in our bodies through various postures and techniques. The spiritual essence inside each person starts to shine brightly.

Leading to improved vitality, inner peace and overall well-being!

Through the disciplines of hatha yoga, we can open up and allow more energy to flow throughout our body.

This helps us not only physically but emotionally too. By improving breathing patterns, increased acceptance and happiness enter the equation.

Making it easier for us to let go of old thoughts or habits that are no longer serving us positively.

Once these first four sheaths become permeable enough. We welcome bliss into our lives in a much deeper way which further provides comfort within ourselves.

As well as those around them through radiating light and love outwards from inside without even needing words!

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Obstacles to Yoga’s 5 Koshas


Our ego is an integral part of our psyche, allowing us to make meaningful distinctions between ourselves and the outside world.

But if it takes charge unchecked, we may find that our plans are governed more by pride than wisdom. Making balance a critical element in taking control of this influential force within.


Fear can be a paralyzing emotion that keeps us from pushing our boundaries. It is the feeling of dread or tension when faced with an unknown, uncertain or risky situation.

Despite its negative connotation. Fear has enabled humans to recognize and respond quickly to danger over thousands of years. Harnessed appropriately, it can provide motivation for growth and success.


An unhealthy connection to someone or something can bring about much distress, strife and unease in our lives.

It is important for us to be mindful of such attachments before they are able to take root too deeply within ourselves.


Ignorance is not to be feared. Instead, it should be welcomed as a call for more knowledge. Too often we become content with the status quo when life gives us what we expect and want.

But true growth comes from challenging ourselves. Seeking out new information, developing empathy, and understanding our place in this broader world around us.

With an open mind and heart to learn anew. Ignorance becomes just another stepping stone on the journey of self-discovery!

Through practice of our self-awareness, potential teachers may help us identify the ways that obstacles manifest in each and every layer of being.