Headache From Yoga – Do You Want To Prevent It?

Headache from yoga can happen. Although yoga consist of restorative poses that helps you rejuvenate your body, there could be times where you get a headache after yoga. If you’ve experienced it before, here is a great video and article teaching you some tips on how to prevent it. This has been an issue that has come up especially for those who are just beginners. If you want to know what the tips are, continue reading the article and watch the video below!

Andrea writes in the comments:

Oh this happened to me so many times, especially after backbends! I look forward to watching this video ♥

These are helpful tips, but if the pain persists after your yoga practices, it is best to see a specialist!

Tips On How To Prevent Headaches After Yoga

In the video, the host said that she received a question. The question was about how to prevent headaches after yoga since the person asking has had experience even if she makes sure her neck is positioned properly during her yoga practice.

The host noted that headaches aren’t only caused by not holding your neck in a neutral position. There are many factors and possible reasons why one will suffer from a headache after yoga.

The host noted that tension in general throughout the body can cause headaches. Knowing where you hold tension in your body can help you be mindful so that the next time you practice yoga, you will want to not feel too tense.

The next factor is feeling compression when you do backbends. If there is indeed compression, it can be a great reason for having a headache.

What you can do is to completely back out of your regular backbend practice until you can no longer feel compression. After which, you can retrain for your backbend poses and make sure you rely on your feet and hands and not just the flexibility of your spine.

Watch the rest of the factors that could cause headaches after yoga and what you can do about them in the video!

Headache After Yoga / Canva
Headache After Yoga

What Could Be The Reason For Headache From Yoga?

Headaches from yoga are a common complaint amongst practitioners. They can be attributed to a variety of causes, such as strain from posture, tension in the neck and shoulders, or even dehydration.

Strain is one of the most common causes of headache from yoga. When performing certain postures, the head and neck muscles may become tense due to a lack of flexibility or incorrect alignment.

This can lead to pain and discomfort during or shortly after practice. Overextending yourself or pushing your body too hard can also cause strain-related headaches.

Tension In The Neck And Shoulders?

Tension in the neck and shoulders is another common reason for headache from yoga. Stressful daily activities can cause these muscles to become tight and restricted.

Leading towards tension headaches that wraps around the temples and eyes accompanied by pain and pressure in those areas! Practicing mindful movements while focusing on proper form may help alleviate discomfort from this type of headache over time.

Headache From Yoga / Canva
Headache From Yoga

Dehydration Could Be A Factor?

Dehydration is another problematic factor when it comes to headaches from yoga. As you move through each pose your body will use up energy, leading towards increased sweating and loss of fluids which must then be replenished through drinks like water and herbal teas!

Not doing so can cause dehydration related headaches characterized by dizziness and lightheadedness – making it important to keep hydrated throughout practice.

Headaches from yoga can stem from various factors such as strain, tension and dehydration, all of which should be taken into consideration during practice in order to stay safe and maximize its benefits!

By assessing our physical limitations while ensuring we stay hydrated throughout sessions we’ll be able to enjoy this type of activity without any worry!