What Is The Future Of The iTunes Radio?

A new future awaits iTunes Radio after the completion of Apple and Beats Deal. Now Apple has made it official that it has taken Beats and now the head of Beats’ subscription music service will also head the iTunes Radio service of Apple. This however, has come from people who are familiar with the activities of Apple. Read more

Why No Personal Data Is Safe With iPhones?

Apple has acknowledged a fact that was never known before and that is about the techniques which can be used to extract the text messages, photos and contact lists from iPhones. This technique can also be used by the law enforcement officials or others who have such computers to which these devices can be connected. This was disclosed by the security expert who acknowledged the existence of such techniques on behalf of Apple. Read more

With Whom Is Apple Celebrating The iTunes Festival Of 2014?

Apple announced the celebrity singers who would come to the next iTunes Festival in London that would start in the month of September. The star list includes Kylie Minogue, Maroon 5 AND Pharrell Williams. This month-long series of concerts would also have Sam Smith, Blondie, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Beck. The other names include 5 Seconds of Summer, Chrissie Hynde, Robert Plant, Jungle and Kiesza. The concerts would take place at the Roundhouse venue at Camden and it would have more than 60 artists participating. Read more

What Are Things About Which Apple Should Be Careful While In China?

Apple can certainly be sure of many things in China such as fast economic growth along with a strong demand for all its brands. This is especially true about the eastern coastal regions of China where the incomes are rising and the rising income would help Apple easily sell the iPhones and iPads at premium prices. Read more

What Is The New Design Of iPhone Revealed By Apple?

According to rumors, Apple has revealed a new all-glass iPhone design while doing the patent filing. This revelation confirmed the joke that had been doing the rounds for a long time in the industry that Apple would ultimately use glass in its iPhone design. It was said to this extent that Apple AAPL-0.37% design would be just a piece of glass and nothing else. Well, it seems that those teasing are not completely wrong now as Apple has been granted an exclusive patent to make all glass casings for its iPhone. Read more

Apple’s CarPlay Will Help You Drive And Message At The Same Time?

Now CarPlay,would be a part of nine more cars. Those of you who for so long has been deprived of Apple's vehicle in-dash entertainment system have some great news in store. The tech giant announced the names of the new vehicles added to the list of which CarPlay would now be a part. The new vehicles include Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Mazda, Alfa Romeo and Abarth as detailed by Apple on Monday. Read more

Is Apple Really Planning To Introduce Large Screen iPhones Soon?

According to various leaks Apple will soon release two large screen iPhones in September. This is however, not confirmed news as Apple has said nothing regarding this. Read more

What Are The Details Of Apple iPad Air 2 2014?

When Apple launched its first iPad then it changed the market’s idea of tablets and provided an entirely new domain to the users. After that many competitors have tried to compete with Apple’s iPad and have taken away a large share of the market. Though Apple is still the market leader in this segment and has managed to keep its position intact despite the growth of Samsung over the last year. Read more

Will Apple’s New Cheaper iMac Become A Trendsetter In The Industry?

Apple has introduced a new iMac desktop. It is a cheaper version of the available iMac desktops and it was launched to lure new customers. The things that would attract the new customers include a faster processor, more memory along with the price tag. This is a low powered 21.5 inch desktop and the price is $1,099. In Canada it is $1,149 and for 2.9 gigahertz the price is $1,549. The new models also have two other versions of a 27 inch iMac and the price of these models in the Apple store is $1,849. Apple is describing these computers as “entry-level” Mac desktops. Read more

What Are The New Technologies That You Can See In The Future iPads?

According to the news Apple has recently got about 38 patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patents that Apple received meant that Apple is now working on various new add-ons for iPad and that includes a new camera system too. The other technologies include a compact iPod in which research is still going on but it is unsure of getting attached to any other product of Apple. But the other technologies would definitely become part of the other products of Apple soon. Read more

Is Apple Thinking That The New Apps Would Be Hit?

Apple has unveiled its new apps and services at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. It is hoping that the new apps and the services would cause much excitement before it reveals the next versions of iPhone and Mac software. It would also show the new applications that are part of iOS 8. These are the new health and smart-home applications. It would also showcase the next versions of the iPhone and the iPad’s software and also the new Mac OS X. Read more

Apple Reportedly Plans Two More NY Retail Locations?

According to the rumors in the market Apple is planning to have New Manhattan stores one of which would open in the New World Trade Center andthe other one would open in an almost century-old bank building on the Upper East Side. It seems that Apple is now planning big expansion and the plan is already in work which can be seen in the new retail stores being opened. Read more

What Are The Differences Between iPad 4 And iPad Mini?

It is not easy to identify which of the iPads that is iPad 4 or iPad Mini is loaded with more advantageous features but a comparison between the two can at least help the customers decide which one is best for his or her needs. Read more

Can Apple Increase Profits By Speeding Up Returns And Refunds To Snag eCommerce Consumers?

It is now seen that Apple has started exceptional customer service so that it can win over the customers. The company has now reduced the return and refund times quite significantly and it is said that this move is definitely going to increase the profits of Apple as it would help Apple win back the loyalty of the consumers. Read more

Will Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovinebe Apple's Newest Employees?

It is believed that Apple would soon get hold of Beats Electronics and this has been a source of lots of rumors in the market. It seems that it means a lot for Apple and a news report from the Wall Street Journal says that when the deal is closed then many of the top executives of Beats’ would come to join Apple. Hence, we can see Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder of Beats and the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group's Interscope Geffen A&M music labelDrDre getting new roles in Apple. Read more

How Will Apple Benefit After Acquiring LuxVue Technology?

If sources are to be believed then Apple is now interested in micro LED screen technologies and has acquired LuxVue Technology which has been working in this field for quite some time. However, Apple is not saying anything about this acquisition but the sources are sure that Apple has in fact acquired the company. One Apple spokesperson said Apple is known to buy various smaller technology companies from time and time and it is not known to discuss the purpose or the plans that are behind the buying of these companies. Read more

What Is Apple Doing For Solving The Power Button Problem Of iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 has an annoying problem and that is the problem with the power button which is caused by a bug. It seems that many of the iPhone5 users are now facing this problem and has asked Apple to work towards a solution to the problem. Finally, it seems, Apple has found a solution to the flaw and has now got a replacement program for solving the issue. All the iPhone 5 devices that were manufactured before April 2013 and are facing such problem are eligible for this program. However, the company is replacing the power button and not the phone and it means that the users would be without their phones while they are being repaired. Read more

Will The iPads Be More Secure Today?

iPhone 5 consumers have now got Touch ID fingerprint scanner and now Apple is planning to add this feature to the iPads too which for long has been the wish of the consumers for securing their iPads. Finally if rumors can be believed the code inside the latest version of the iPad software is suggesting that Apple is now giving it consumers that facility of fingerprint scanner. Read more

What Brought Apple In The Good Books Of Greenpeace?

In the first edition of “Guide to Greener Electronics” by Greenpeace in 2006, it had rated Apple as the company that is bad in almost all the criteria and gave it the score of 2.7 out of 10. Now after 8 years Greenpeace has given Apple “A” for all the environmental categories and it can now be said that Apple has in real sense changed the world through the products and has done really good for the environment. Read more

What Is The Reason Behind Apple’s Acquisition Of Hydroelectric Project Near Its Prineville Data Center?

It is now in open that Apple has acquired a hydroelectric project, though small in size in a Central Oregon site which is close to Apple’s new data center located at Prineville. This is because that the new data center of Apple would need huge volumes of electricity almost at par with the requirement of a small city and that is needed to power all the computers that would hold photos, music and all the various other digital information. 
Read more