What Brought Apple In The Good Books Of Greenpeace?

In the first edition of “Guide to Greener Electronics” by Greenpeace in 2006, it had rated Apple as the company that is bad in almost all the criteria and gave it the score of 2.7 out of 10. Now after 8 years Greenpeace has given Apple “A” for all the environmental categories and it can now be said that Apple has in real sense changed the world through the products and has done really good for the environment. Read more

What Is The Reason Behind Apple’s Acquisition Of Hydroelectric Project Near Its Prineville Data Center?

It is now in open that Apple has acquired a hydroelectric project, though small in size in a Central Oregon site which is close to Apple’s new data center located at Prineville. This is because that the new data center of Apple would need huge volumes of electricity almost at par with the requirement of a small city and that is needed to power all the computers that would hold photos, music and all the various other digital information. 
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Coach App Reviews: 5 Top Coaching Apps

coaches eyeAn outstanding athlete cannot be created without an excellent coach, and a coach app enables athletes to get that extra edge required to take sports to next level. Critic, analysis, planning and perseverance are a few things that assist coaches hone the skills of their students and push them to a height that makes winning a reality. With the apps touching our lives in almost every sphere, how can coaching stay behind and hence we bring here top five coach apps in this review: Read more

Is Apple Really Planning To Start Designing The iPhone baseband Chip Inhouse?

A rumor is doing the rounds since Tuesday that Apple is thinking about the plan of designing the iPhone baseband processors in their own factories. It is said that Apple is now in the process of creating a new research and development team that would be responsible for designing these chip processors and the processors would be used in the iPhones from the year 2015. Read more

What Are The Apple's Next Big Announcements Coming In June?

Apple has decided that all the big announcements about its next releases will be in the month of June. It has announced the dates of its WWDC that is Worldwide Developers Conference which is the annual event in which Apple holds a press conference and provides an insight to the latest projects of the company. Read more

Is Apple Really Buying iFixit?

If the rumor in the market is to be believed, Apple is now planning to buy the company iFixit. The point to be noted is that the gadget-repair company was for a long time a critic of Apple for its products as they are of low “repairability”. But on Tuesday, it has announced that it would be purchased by Apple. However, the price was not disclosed by any of the companies. Read more

Are We Really Getting A Transparent iPhone With Rear Camera?

It has come to news that Apple has filed a patent for creating smarter iPhones which would help people see where they are heeding to. This would be of great help for every smartphone addict since we are used to walk down the busy street with eyes on the text message and can collide with a tree, a fellow pedestrian or worse still with a lamppost. Now Apple has decided to make transparent iPhones and modify the background of an apps and project live video images from the rear camera to the screen. Thus, it would enable the phone users to see any obstacle coming in front while they walked with eyes on the screen of the phones. Read more

Is Apple Going To Launch iTunes Subscription Service?

Apple is now going to enter into the foray of music subscription service and that too for competing with Spotify if the rumor is to be believed. There is enough reason to believe that this news is true. This is because Apple is now concerned with the sharp decline in the sales of the music of its iTunes and the blame largely goes to Spotify and such other subscription services. Thus Apple is thinking ways to revamp the music sales and it might also create iTunes app for Android so that it can enter the larger market share that is enjoyed by the Android supported phones. Read more

Is Apple Planning To Go To Streaming TV Service?

Rumors are doing the rounds that Apple is about to team up with Comcast Corp. and that is for streaming television service. For this the set top box will be provided by Apple and the cables would be provided by Comcast so that it ensures that there is no congestion in the streaming service. The discussions are said to be still in the preliminary stages and nothing has yet been finalized. But if the deal is finalized then it would mark a new level in business of the companies and would mark a great integration between a technology company and cable provider which joined hands for improving television service. Read more

Will Motorola and LG Make Google’s First Smart Watch?

Both Motorola and LG, the hardware partners of Google are now going to debut in the market with their latest innovation and that is smart watches that run on the Android Wear platform. LG has announced the launch of its G Watch and Motorola has also provided the preview of Moto 360 which will run on the Android Wear that was announced by Google recently. Read more

Is Apple Really Launching a 12.9" iPad or Third-Gen iPad Mini In 2014?

It seems that iPad Air would be the only model in Apple’s tablet section that would get a facelift in the current year. It is really unlikely that the much talked about 12.9 inch iPad model would be launched by Apple this year or we would get a third generation iPad mini also in this year. Read more

What’s So Special About The Latest Android Launch By Sony?

Sony has recently showcased its latest Android smartphone at the Mobile World Congress and the phone is named Xperia Z2. Sony claims that the phone has the capacity of 4K video recording. Read more

Can Apple’s New Retail Store In Ohio Generate More Profit?

Apple has got a plan in place for opening a new retail store in Dayton in Ohio by the end of the year. The news was confirmed by both Apple Store as well as Dayton Business Journal. According to the reports the company has already got a space selected in Dayton which was formerly occupied by a Lane Bryant, the women’s clothing retailer at The Greene shopping center. We can say that the news is confirmed as a new black construction barricade has already been put up in that location. Also Apple had already posted job listings looking for Store Leader to Specialist in that area. Read more

Can Apple Reignite Growth By Exploring In Cars And Medical Devices?

After seeing the buying spree of Apple for the last 18 months now, fierce speculations are doing rounds in tech circles as well as the Wall Street about the future of Apple. It seems that Apple is now thinking much bigger as is confirmed by a source. Apple is now thinking about acquiring the electric car giant Tesla though neither the spokeswoman for Tesla nor anyone from Apple made any comment about it. It is also seen that Apple is nowadays exploring the market of medical devices especially the sensor technology that can help predict heart attacks. It is said that Apple is now exploring ways in which heart attacks can be predicted by studying the sound that the blood makes while flowing through the arteries. Thus it can be said that now Apple is making its foray into both automobile and medical devices and is really ready to take big risks. Read more

What Has Intel In Store For Smartphones?

Intel has got a new thing for the smartphones and that is the 64 bit Android. Intel has showed a version of the operating system on a handset and has ended the long wait. The operating system would run on smartphones which has Intel's new dual-core smartphone chip code Merrified installed. Intel has also showcased tablets which would run on 64 bit Android with the help of its Atom chip code Bay Trail. However that version of 64 bit Android is still unfinished. Read more

Android Apps That Do Amazing Things?

Android devices are known to do various wonderful things that many other devices cannot do. These unique apps that are available only for the Android phones not only make them super exciting but also make them attractive to every user. Read more

Is Nokia Really Stepping Into The Android Phone Territory?

Nokia has decided to introduce a new smartphone in this month. This has created huge excitement all over the world and that is because Nokia had decided to power this smartphone with Google’s Android mobile software. There was always buzz in the industry that Nokia was busy developing the Android phone before the deal with Microsoft in last September, when the IT giant bought the handset business of the company and also took the license of the patents of the company. However, now it is still under clouts how Nokia would go ahead with its new innovation of Android phone that would be showcased in the Mobile World Congress industry trade show. Read more

Is Apple Releasing A New TV As Is Rumored With The Software Code?

It is being rumored for a long time that Apple is doing research for coming into the market with its own televisions and now it seems that with Apple is even planning to have a new version of a tiny set top box. This seems evident with the company’s interest in the software code which is present in the iPhones and iPads and also the TV references of Apple and the device is known as Apple TV 4,1.  Read more

What Can Apple Offer Through iTtunes Radio In Australia?

Apple has launched the iTunes Radio in Australia and it can be Apple’s first foray into the competition for the dominance of radio streaming. With the introduction of iTunes now the Australian users can access over 100 radio stations with the click of a small radio button on iTunes. They can listen to the personalized music from the song catalogue of Apple in any radio station. Read more

What Is Apple’s Plan About Internet?

For a long time words were doing the rounds about Apple’s plan of a network of Internet and now it is known that Apple is planning to have a network of internet Apple has been stitching a network of Internet for a long time. This internet infrastructure is powerful enough to cater huge volumes of content to the desired customers. Read more

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