Avoid Mistakes with Crystals – Essential Care Tips

What Not To Do With Crystals / CWhat not to do with crystals? Many people love to use crystals for their calming energy and beautiful appearance. But some don’t know that water can harm certain crystals. Like selenite or malachite. Because they’re porous or have water-soluble elements.

Our guide offers tips on how to care for your crystals properly. Covering everything from cleansing to storage without damaging them. Keep reading to make sure your gemstones stay sparkling and full of energy.

What Not to do With Crystals

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t put crystals like selenite or malachite in water. Because it can damage them. Use smoke from sage or moonlight to cleanse them safely.
  • Crystals lose energy over time and need cleansing and charging. Moonlight is a safe way to charge most stones. But avoid leaving some, like amethyst, in the sun as they can fade.
  • Store each crystal separately to keep their energies pure. Use materials like silk for wrapping. Avoid placing them near electronics that can disturb their energy.
  • Direct sunlight harms certain crystals by fading their color. Choose spots away from windows for displaying your collection.
  • Always check if your crystal can be cleansed with water before doing so. Rotate which crystals are out for display. Or use to give them time to recharge energetically.

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Common Crystal Care Mistakes

Taking care of crystals is not always easy. People often make mistakes. Like putting certain crystals in water. Or leaving them out where the sun can fade their color.

Avoiding Water Damage to Crystals

Some crystals can’t take a dip. Putting crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, or selenite in water may harm them. They could dissolve or even lose their shine. It’s best to keep these precious stones dry.

If you’re thinking of cleansing your crystals, try safer methods. Use smudging with white sage or let them soak up sunlight or moonlight instead.

Keep your crystals safe and shining by choosing the right cleansing method.

For those that won’t mind a quick splash, such as clear quartz or obsidian. Make sure it’s a brief one. Always double-check if your stone likes water. Before you cleanse it this way.

Remember, not all pretty rocks are ready for a swim!

Ensuring Proper Cleansing of Crystals / CEnsuring Proper Cleansing of Crystals

Crystals need cleaning to work best. Not cleansing them lets negative energies build up. This can mess with their healing properties. To cleanse your crystals, use ways that won’t hurt them.

Sound vibrations from a singing bowl or running them through smoke from sage are good methods. You want to steer clear of water for stones. Like hematite and desert rose because it damages them.

Charge your crystals after cleaning to boost their energy again. Sunlight works, but not too long for stones like amethyst. That fade in the sun. Moonlight is great for all crystals. It’s gentle and powerful at the same time.

Also, setting intentions while holding your crystal. It helps focus its energy on what you need. Like calmness or strength.

Charging Crystals Correctly

To charge your crystals right, use moonlight. This method is simple but powerful. Just let them sit outside under the night sky. Moon energy cleanses and recharges most stones. Making them ready for your next yoga session or meditation.

Another great way is to bury them in the earth. The soil acts like a charging station. Giving back energy to the crystals. This fits well with people who practice yoga. As it aligns with grounding techniques found in many poses and breathing exercises.

Making sure each crystal gets this care. Keeps its power strong for when you need it most for healing, chakra work, or setting intentions.

Proper Placement and Storage Tips for Crystals / CProper Placement and Storage Tips for Crystals

Putting your crystals in the right spot and keeping them safely can make a big difference. Keep them away from too much sun. Find a cool and dry place for their energy to stay strong.

Protecting Crystals from Direct Sunlight

Crystals like citrine and amethyst can lose their vibrant color if they sit in direct sunlight for too long. Sun exposure is not a friend to all of your precious stones. Think about where you place them in your living space.

A spot away from windows ensures they stay safe and keep their energy strong.

You might feel tempted to let your crystals soak up some sun. Especially when using them for reiki or crystal healing. Yet, it’s way better to find other ways to charge them that won’t hurt their beauty or power.

Use sound waves or smudge with sage instead. This keeps your stones energetically charged without risking sun damage.

Storing Crystals to Maintain Energy / CStoring Crystals to Maintain Energy

Storing your crystals the right way keeps their energy clean and strong. If you mix them up without care, their energies might clash.

  1. Keep each crystal in its own space. This stops their energies from getting mixed up. You can use small cloth bags or boxes for each one.
  2. Avoid putting your crystals all in one big bowl. Unless they share a similar purpose or energy. For instance, black tourmaline and chrysoprase both protect, so they can sit together.
  3. Use silk or velvet to wrap crystals. These materials are gentle and keep the crystal’s vibration pure.
  4. Place crystals away from electronics. TVs, computers, and phones emit energies that might disturb your crystals.
  5. Keep a log or map of where you store your crystals. This helps you remember their location. Also ensures that each stone remains charged for its specific purpose.
  6. Don’t forget to cleanse your storage area regularly.  With sage smoke or sound waves from a bell or singing bowl. This clears out any stagnant energy.
  7. For those who wear crystals as jewelry. Have a special spot for these pieces. When you’re not wearing them to ensure they stay energetically clean.
  8. Some stones like amethyst fade in sunlight. So store those away from direct sun to protect their color and energy.
  9. Check whether your stone is safe in water. Before using wet methods for cleansing before storage.
  10. Regularly rotate which crystals. You keep out for display or use. Giving them a break to recharge on their own or with moonlight overnight.

Storing your stones carefully. It means they’re ready whenever you need to harness their power. Be it for healing, protection, or manifesting goals.


Taking care of your crystals is more than just keeping them shiny. You’ve learned some big no-nos. Like not soaking water-sensitive stones and the right ways to charge and store these precious gems.

Crystals hold power for many. Whether for decoration or their believed energy benefits. Keep them away from too much sun and use smart storage solutions to keep their vibe strong. Crystals are cool friends on your journey. Treat them well!

Storing Crystals to Maintain Energy