Whats Related to a Yoga Diet?

The most recent news related to a yoga diet comes from an interview with Dr.(Prof.) G.L. Khanna, Pro Vice Chancellor at the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies.

In the interview, Dr. Khanna discussed various aspects of clinical nutrition and its growing importance in the current health landscape. Key points from the interview include:

  1. Industry Growth: The food and supplement industry is growing rapidly, with a growth rate of more than 5-6% annually. It is expected to reach $25 billion in three years. The focus is on developing this industry while ensuring safety, quality, and providing educational opportunities.
  2. Nutrition Trends and Challenges: Nutrition is integral to survival, and there’s a need for specific guidance due to lifestyle-related health issues. The increase in diagnostic testing like blood and urine tests reflects a growing public desire to understand their health better.
  3. Awareness and Counselling in Nutrition: Long-term solutions in health are increasingly seen to lie within clinical nutrition. This involves creating dietary guidelines and educating about the importance of nutrition from an early age, particularly in the context of changing lifestyles.
  4. Combating Health Issues with Diet: In the context of diseases like cardiovascular problems, a combination of a yoga diet and medicine is seen as effective. Food science plays a crucial role in preventive health care.

Benefits of Yoga and Health Concious Diet

This information provides insights into the broader context of a yoga diet, emphasizing the importance of clinical nutrition and the need for a holistic approach to health and wellness​​​.

They need to be educated on the current trends and challenges in clinical nutrition. One of the challenges is the growth of the food and supplement industry.

As consumption increases in the Asian zone, there is a need to develop more products locally rather than relying on imports.

This presents an opportunity for the industrial and entrepreneurial sectors to thrive. However, it is important to remember that nutrition cannot be isolated from the overall well-being of individuals.

It is a crucial part of our survival and has been ingrained in our natural diet since birth. The emergence of lifestyle problems has created a need for guidance and specific solutions in the field of nutrition.

Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/

Whats Related to a Yoga Diet / Canva
Whats Related to a Yoga Diet