DIY Dog Treats Patriotic Pupsicle ( Video )

We’re gonna make DIY bomb pops for dogs! You know, the red, white and blue ones? Since the 4th of July is right around the corner, here In the United States, we thought we would do this awesome treat for you guys. I will put an affiliate link down in the description below to where I got these awesome holders. Super simple ingredients, I’m gonna show you how to make it.

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Video summary:

Ok! Where gonna make bomb pops. These are pretty cool, shaped like a star, we’re gonna fill em up with some goodness for the dogs… and before you guys even ask us this time, can people eat this?

Yeah! There’s absolutely nothing in it, that you can’t eat. Actually they will be healthy for you, if you do. So, if you are gonna eat it though, you’ll use this stick as the stick. I’m gonna show you what I’m using for the dogs.

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So, what where gonna need is three different things to make this on the layer of red, white and blue. For red. I’m using strawberries and what I did is, I took a handful of strawberries – Memphis is already stealing stealing stuff.

I took a handful of strawberries and put them in the blender you can see down in there, kind of smashed, so you will need about. I would say, half a cup of smashed strawberries plus chunked strawberries. I did the same thing with the blueberries. Learn more in the video!

DIY Dog Treats Patriotic Pupsicle / Pixabay
DIY Dog Treats Patriotic Pupsicle / Pixabay