Do These Yoga Poses Daily For Neck Relief!

Our neck can absorb a lot of tension from our bodies especially so if we are stressed. That is why you can do these neck yoga exercises to relive this area from unwanted pain. This yoga sequence is very simple and you can do it on a daily basis. Check out the rest of the article and watch the video below!

Ken writes in the comments:

I’m a 50-odd year old man who has suffered chronic neck pain for the last 4 or 5 years. I started this routine last week, once every day or two. Today my chiropractor said she has NEVER seen my neck so supple and loose before. Thank you.

PS. I also have knee problems and cannot kneel very well or for very long. I would love to see a video for those of us with problem knees.

In this yoga sequence, you will also help your head and shoulders from any pain or discomfort.

The Yoga Sequence For Neck Pain Relief

Begin the yoga sequence with a mountain pose. Roll your shoulders and connect to your breath. Then, align your head over your hear and your heart over your pelvis. Tilt your head downward and upward gently. Imagine that you are drawing a line with your nose while doing the downward and upward motion with your head.

Then, imagine drawing a line with your nose from the left to your right. Next, imagine you are drawing a line with your nose up and over your right side. Stay longer looking to your right and stretch those neck muscles. Do the same thing to your left side.

Lastly, draw small circles with your nose. Start small and let them grow larger. Reverse the circle motion that you are doing.

Before you end the sequence, stretch the neck once more with the help of your hand. Gently bring your head to the side while your hand is pushing towards that side. Do the same to the other side.

Why Yoga Poses Daily For Neck Relief?

Neck pain can range from mild to severe and have several causes, from poor posture to strained muscles due to stress and tension. But whatever the cause of your neck pain, practicing yoga poses daily can be an effective way to release the built-up tension in your neck area for relief.

Yoga helps stretch, lengthen and strengthen all the muscles of the body – including those in the neck. Regular practice encourages flexibility within the connecting tissues and creates strength so that your neck is better able to support itself without straining or overexerting.

Certain poses are especially beneficial in helping alleviate neck pain, such as Cat/Cow pose, which gently massages the spine and flexes the vertebrae while improving circulation.

Another helpful pose is Neck Release: while sitting upright with good posture, bring your left ear towards your left shoulder (without pushing) then do the same on the right side. You can also reach up towards your left ear with your right hand to help deepen this movement if needed.

Reduce Stiffness And Improve Mobility

Doing simple seated spinal twists can also help reduce stiffness and improve mobility. Try doing one twist each day for 30 seconds per side if possible. Forward bends may benefit too – just be sure not to bend too deeply when releasing forward as it could increase muscle strain and cause further discomfort instead.

Overall, a regular practice of mindful yoga poses tailored specifically for migraine relief can help you create strength in both body and mind while finding relief from neck pain naturally, without needing any medication or drugs!

Not only will these postures help soothe away any discomfort but they’ll also provide you with a deeper sense of awareness about how to take care of yourself going forward – leadings you on a journey towards increased physical and mental wellbeing!

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Easy Daily Yoga Poses For Neck Relief