Try These Yoga Poses Daily For Neck Relief!

Our necks take on a lot of tension, especially when we’re stressed. That’s why daily neck yoga is so great for relieving pain in this area! The following sequence is super simple and feels amazing.

Ken writes in the comments:

I’m a 50-odd year old man who has suffered chronic neck pain for the last 4 or 5 years. I started this routine last week, once every day or two. Today my chiropractor said she has NEVER seen my neck so supple and loose before. Thank you.

PS. I also have knee problems and cannot kneel very well or for very long. I would love to see a video for those of us with problem knees.

In this yoga sequence, you will also help your head and shoulders from any pain or discomfort.

The Yoga Sequence For Neck Pain Relief

Let’s start standing in Mountain Pose. Roll your shoulders back and connect with your breath. Align your head over your heart and heart over pelvis. Gently tilt your head up and down, imagining you’re drawing a line with your nose.

Next, draw a line side to side with your nose, left to right. Then imagine drawing a line up and over to the right, holding the stretch on that side. Repeat to the left.

Now draw small circles with your nose, starting small and getting bigger. Reverse the circle direction.

Finish by gently stretching your neck with your hand. Bring your head to each side as your hand lightly pushes it there.

This quick, easy flow relieves neck tension and pain. Do it daily for relief and relaxation! Your neck will thank you.

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Why Yoga Poses Daily For Neck Relief?

Neck pain can really make daily life a struggle. Whether it’s from poor posture, stress tension, or strained muscles, that pain in your neck is no joke! Luckily, a daily yoga practice can be super helpful for finding relief.

Yoga stretches, strengthens, and lengthens all the muscles in your body, including your neck. Regular practice helps improve flexibility in your connective tissues and builds strength so your neck can support itself without straining.

Certain poses are especially awesome for neck pain, like Cat/Cow. This pose gently massages your spine and flexes those vertebrae while boosting circulation. Feels so nice!

Another great one is Neck Release. Sit tall with good posture then bring your left ear to your left shoulder without forcing it. Do the same on the right side. You can use your right hand to gently deepen the stretch on each side if needed.

Doing just a few simple yoga poses for your neck each day can help release built-up tension and reduce pain. Your neck will thank you!

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Yoga Poses Daily For Neck Relief

Reduce Stiffness And Improve Mobility

Seated spinal twists are another great way to reduce stiffness and improve mobility in your neck. If you can, try holding each twist for 30 seconds per side daily.

Gentle forward bends can help too, just be careful not to bend too deeply. Going too far could actually increase neck strain and cause more discomfort, so listen to your body.

Overall, a regular yoga practice with poses specifically for neck pain relief can work wonders! You’ll build strength in both body and mind, while finding natural relief without any meds.

These poses don’t just soothe discomfort, they also give you a deeper awareness of how to care for yourself going forward. It leads you on a journey toward better physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga helps you tune in to what your body needs while gently releasing tension. With mindful practice, you’ll gain the tools to keep neck pain away for good! Your neck and mind will thank you.

Yoga Poses For Neck Relief