Yoga Party – A Yoga Routine You Can Do With Friends

Yoga Party is a topic, when you practice yoga, the chance of having a new circle of friends is high. So, if you want to practice yoga out of the studio and just have a fun day with fellow yogis, you can try doing a yoga party. The video in this article is all about a routine you all can enjoy. Are you ready?

Scarlet writes in the comments:

Wow!!!! we did it, today marks 6 months of regular yoga practice, thanks a million Adriene, you are absolute Angel and we love, I sure do, I know you have given me back my Life, got my mojo back❤️

You will definitely enjoy this routine because you will be doing it with your friends. Like what they say, “The more the merrier!”

Yoga Party Routine

You will begin with sitting on the mat. Say thank you to yourself and to your friends for showing up and spending some time to move today.

The next thing you will do is to bring your hands together while you sit nice and tall. Take a deep breath in and as you close your eyes, relax your shoulders and breathe out. Inhale and exhale for a couple more counts. Take a couple of moments more to feel and listen to your breath.

Open your eyes and bring your palms to your knees. Start moving in a circle and do a reverse after that.

Next is bring your left hand on the ground and stretch your right arm over your head to your left side. DO the same for your other side.

Then, you will be on a table top pose then transition to cat-cows. Transition to downward facing dog after a couple of counts.

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What Are Yoga Parties?

Yoga Party Ideas and Favors

Yoga parties are a great way to get together with friends and family and enjoy some fun and relaxation. Whether you’re throwing an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, there are plenty of ways to make your yoga party something special.

Here are some ideas for creating the perfect yoga party that your guests won’t forget.

Start by choosing the type of yoga you’d like to practice at the party. You can opt for traditional hatha or vinyasa styles, try out partner and restorative poses, or even go for more playful approaches such as acro yoga or dancing yoga.

Once you’ve chosen a style, plan out the other details of your event, including music, location, food, and decorations.

Next, it’s time to gather up all of your supplies! Make sure you have enough mats and props (such as blankets and bolsters) on hand so each guest can be comfortable during their practice.

If desired, you can also provide additional items like neck pillows, eye masks, lavender spray, essential oils diffusers and journal material in case anyone wants to connect with their inner thoughts afterwards.

Is Food Important?

Food plays an important part in any celebration, especially when it comes to wellness activities like yoga! Keep everyone’s dietary preferences in mind when planning meals for your event.

Choose nourishing dishes with ingredients that will leave everyone feeling energized instead of sluggish after their session is over.

Some nutritious options include plant-based smoothie bowls, veggie wraps served with hummus dip and microgreens salad on the side.

To sweeten things up even more, add fruit kebabs adorned with vegan marshmallows or small bites made out of organic dark chocolate.

Do You Need Gifts?

Once everyone has had their fill of healthy eats, it’s time for gifts! At most yoga retreats around the world—there is usually a “swag bag” filled with goodies like incense sticks, essential oil roll-ons , handmade jewelry or lucky crystals.

You can recreate this experience by providing each guest with a personalized goody bag full of special items from local wellness stores or online vendors .

Alternatively, consider making DIY favors that match your theme such as homemade chakra bracelet kits , aromatherapy bath bombs , or self-care journals .

Yoga parties are a great way to come together for healing and self-expression – no matter what size the gathering may be!

With these tips above, finding inspiration should be easy now so why wait any longer? Get planning now so you can bring your yogic visions into reality soon!

Check out the rest of the routine in the video. Let us know how your yoga party went!