Why Should You Do A Yoga Body Scan?

Mindfulness meditation can be an adventure of self-discovery through yoga body scanning. This practice involves focusing on your physical sensations and movements, gently guiding awareness throughout the entire body,  from head to toe or vice versa.

By doing so, it allows you to deepen not only your knowledge about yourself but also a connection with all aspects of who you are: mental, emotional and even spiritual!



What is the purpose of a yoga body scan?

Embark on an adventure to explore your inner self by engaging in a body scan! With this practice of mindfulness meditation, you can travel through the depths of yourself while learning how to accept feelings and thoughts without judgment.

Feel every sensation with benevolent curiosity as you journey beyond physical limitations – experience deeper relaxation, improved well-being and amplified connections between mind and body.

Why is a body scan worthwhile?

A body scan is an effective way to help improve your sleep, reduce anxiety or stress levels and manage chronic pain. It works by encouraging you to accept the pains in life instead of letting them take over.

Helping us find acceptance for ourselves which boosts self-confidence. Not only does this practice prove beneficial health wise but mentally it can also contribute to a more positive outlook on life overall!

How do you start the body scan?

Take some time to connect with yourself and explore your body in a mindful, kind way.

Start by finding a comfortable position – lying down or even standing will do.

Concentrate on the breath coming in and out of your lungs as you close your eyes.

Pick any part of the body you want to focus on first. It could be from head-to-toe, like visiting each toe individually!

Notice whatever sensations are present without judgement. If there is pain then allow for that feeling and gently breathe into it until easing away (if possible).

If thoughts come up just acknowledge them before returning back to the task at hand.

Further exploring different parts of yourself through movement and heightened awareness without clinging onto anything.

Particular nor pushing away another sensation, so take this opportunity now whether sitting/standing/lying still.

Really listening within every corner, nook and cranny mindfully uncovering something wholly unique about YOU.

Yoga Bodyscan
Yoga Bodyscan