What Is Sensual Yoga?

What is Sensual Yoga / Canva

Have you ever wondered how  sensual yoga can help you tap into your sensuality? It may seem like an unusual combination.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of it. How it can help you unlock a deeper connection with yourself.

What is Sensual Yoga?

It’s a practice that combines the principles of traditional yoga with the exploration of sensuality, mindfulness, body awareness and pranayama.

It encourages individuals to slow down and be present in their bodies. Paying close attention to sensations and feelings that arise during the practice.

Sensual yoga emphasizes mindful movement, connecting with meditation, chakra balancing, tantra and emotional release.

the breath, and exploring the body’s capacity for pleasure and sensation.

Key Points

  1. Sensual yoga is a practice that helps individuals tap into their sensuality. Connect with their bodies and breath, and overcome disconnection from their bodies and sensuality.
  2. Sensual yoga incorporates specific poses, such as Child’s Pose, Pigeon Pose, and Yab Yum pose. As well as sensual rope tying, to enhance the sensual experience and cultivate intimacy and connection.

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Practice Sensual Yoga

Sensual Yoga / Canva

It is a practice that encourages slow and mindful movement to tap into sensuality. It goes beyond the physical aspect of yoga. It emphasizes the connection between the mind and body.

The focus is on sensations and feelings rather than the form of the poses. This allows individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own body and sensuality.

Benefits of Sensual Yoga

Practicing it can have numerous benefits for individuals. One of the main benefits is the ability to connect with the body and sensations.

In our fast-paced modern world, many people are disconnected from their bodies and are often unaware of the sensations that arise.

It helps to reestablish this connection. By encouraging individuals to be present and mindful in their bodies.

Furthermore, it can be a healing practice for those who have experienced trauma or disconnection from their bodies. Trauma can manifest in various ways, such as tension, anxiety, or dissociation.

This yoga provides a safe space for individuals to reconnect with their bodies and heal from past trauma. By practicing slow and mindful movements.

Individuals can gently explore their bodies and sensations, allowing for healing and transformation.

Mindful Movement in Sensual Yoga / Canva

Mindful Movement in Sensual Yoga

Slow and Deliberate Movements

In these asanas, the emphasis is placed on slow and deliberate movements. This allows individuals to really tune in to their bodies and notice how each movement feels.

By slowing down, individuals can become more aware of the sensations. That arise and gain a deeper understanding of their bodies.

By moving slowly, individuals can also avoid pushing themselves to their limits. It is not about achieving a perfect pose or pushing oneself to the edge.

It is about honoring and respecting the body’s limits and finding pleasure in the present moment.

Connecting with the Body and Sensations

Sensual yoga provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with their bodies on a deeper level.

During the practice, individuals are encouraged to explore sensations and feelings that arise. Whether they are pleasurable or uncomfortable.

By cultivating this level of awareness and acceptance, individuals can develop a greater sense of body positivity and self-love.

Through mindful movement and connecting with sensations, individuals can also access a deeper level of mindfulness and presence.

By being fully present in the body, individuals can let go of worries or distractions and truly immerse themselves in this yoga practice.

Sensuality and Trauma / Canva

Sensuality and Trauma

Yoga as a Healing Practice

Yoga has long been recognized as a healing practice for those who have experienced trauma. Yoga takes this healing aspect a step further.

By providing a safe space for individuals to explore sensuality and reconnect with their bodies.

Trauma can often lead to a disconnection from the body. As individuals may dissociate from physical sensations in order to protect themselves.

Yoga allows individuals to gently reestablish this connection. Honoring the body’s boundaries and providing a safe and nurturing environment for healing.

Pose Recommendations in Sensual Yoga / Canva

Pose Recommendations in Sensual Yoga

Child’s Pose for Grounding

Child’s pose is a recommended pose, as it allows for a deep sense of grounding and relaxation.

Child’s pose is a gentle and soothing pose that helps to release tension in the back, hips, and shoulders.

It provides a sense of safety and support, allowing individuals to surrender to the present moment and connect with their breath.

Pigeon Pose for Opening the Hips

Pigeon pose is another recommended pose for opening the hips and releasing tension.

Pigeon pose stretches the hip flexors and glutes, helping to release stored tension in the hip area. It can also be a deeply emotional pose, as the hips are often considered a storage place for emotions.

By practicing pigeon pose, individuals can create space for emotional release and connect with the sensations in their bodies.

Deepening Connection and Intimacy / Canva

Deepening Connection and Intimacy

Partner Poses in Sensual Yoga

Partner poses can deepen connection and intimacy between individuals. These poses involve two people working together. To create balance, support, and alignment.

One example of a partner pose is sitting facing each other with the soles of the feet touching. Both individuals can gently lean back. Using their hands or forearms for support.

Creating a sense of intimacy and connection through physical touch. This pose allows for deeper eye contact. It encourages individuals to synchronize their breath and movements.

Yab Yum for Intimacy

Yab Yum is another partner pose commonly practiced. In this pose, one person sits cross-legged on the mat while the other person sits in their lap. Wrapping their arms around each other.

This pose cultivates deep intimacy and connection. As both individuals are physically close. They can feel each other’s breath and heartbeat.

Yab Yum can be a powerful pose for developing trust, vulnerability, and intimacy within a relationship. It allows individuals to let go of their individual boundaries. They merge into a shared space of connection and love.

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Taking Sensuality Off the Mat

Applying Sensual Yoga in Daily Life

The practice on the mat can help individuals connect to their sensuality off the mat as well. By cultivating a greater awareness of sensations and feelings during the practice. Individuals can carry this mindfulness into their daily lives.

It can encourage individuals to slow down and be present in their bodies. Even in the midst of busy and hectic routines.

By practicing mindfulness and awareness in daily activities. Individuals can tap into their sensuality and find pleasure in the simplest of moments.

Connecting with Sensuality Outside the Practice

Sensual yoga is not limited to the time spent on the mat. It is a mindset and a way of being. It is about connecting with one’s sensuality in all aspects of life.

Whether it is savoring the taste of food, enjoying a warm bath, or delighting in the feel of soft fabric against the skin. Sensuality can be found in everyday experiences.

By connecting with sensuality outside the practice of yoga. Individuals can find joy and pleasure in the present moment. It is about embracing the gift of sensation and fully experiencing life with all the senses.


Sensual yoga is a practice that combines mindful movement and sensuality. It’s allowing individuals to tap into their bodies and connect with their sensations and feelings.

It offers numerous benefits. Such as healing trauma, deepening connection and intimacy, and cultivating body positivity.

By incorporating poses like Child’s Pose and Pigeon Pose, individuals can explore sensuality and open the hips.

Partner poses, such as sitting facing each other or practicing yab yum. It can deepen connection and intimacy.

The practice also emphasizes the importance of focusing on sensations and feelings. It’s going beyond the form of the poses.

By embracing sensual yoga, individuals can cultivate mindful movement, enhance their sensuality, and find joy and pleasure in the present moment.

What is sensual yoga
What is sensual yoga