What Is Fascia Yoga?

It’s no secret that yoga has immense potential to improve our overall wellbeing, however recently the practice of fascia yoga has sprung onto the scene. Fascae are an integral part of how we move and connect with ourselves and they can be trained!

This new trend in fitness studios is receiving some criticism from veteran yogis who view it as a deviation form traditional practices but perhaps this extension will uncover untold secrets about our bodies and spirit if given a chance.


What are fasciae?

Fasciae, the connective tissue within our bodies, play a critical role in keeping us limber and free from muscular problems. This intricate web of tissues encases individual muscles and ligaments as well as joint capsules to help them maintain their shape–but when these fascia become tight or damaged they can cause tension that originates throughout your body.

That’s why it is recommended we practice fascia yoga which helps keep this system healthy through exercises focusing on flexibility and suppleness. By taking care of our fasciae now we can move more freely into the future!

From classical yoga to fascia yoga

Through Fascia Yoga, practitioners train their body in a unique way. Unlike Hatha or classical yoga exercises which focus on specific physical movements.

This form of exercise involves taking time to really engage the local area and fascia pathways being worked with through stretching and feeling into that part of the body. It’s all about keeping your whole self moving – from gentle stretches to dynamic swings – for total relaxation and well-being!

Yoga variation with movement forms?

Exploring Fascia Yoga, a dynamic practice that brings together movement forms to create a unique and varied sequence. Not just for stretching but also for stimulating the connective tissue cells.

This type of yoga is more physically challenging than traditional postures. Find your own flow as you sense what works best with your body’s individual needs!

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What Is Fascia Yoga