We Can Be Highline

Twenty years ago, a friend of mine pointed to the rusted and abandoned elevated railway bed in Chelsea, which I’d barely noticed before, and proclaimed: “There are a couple of real estate bigshots fighting for that – it’s gonna be valauble some day.” That day has come, but not in the developer-oriented vision my friend once had. Friends of the High Line, which is redeveloping the old passage for open space and limited mixed use building, is planning to hold the first Highline Festival this May. Chairman? One David Bowie, newly sixty and readying for a public celebration of that advanced age. Apparently, he found his glam venue. Fred Wilson has some details. Will this become a permanent part of the New York festival scene?

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  • Hey! I’ve seen that High Line thingy! Saw a rather drunk party girl stumbling towards it on my last trip to NYC back in June.

    I like it over here. Very cozy. Great atmosphere.


  • Welcome Blue Girl – good to have ya. Pull up a chair by the fire, grab a pen, and here’s your snifter of brandy….

  • As a New Yorker, I can’t wait for the High Line fest, and I can’t believe it won’t become an annual event, and a venue for others.
    Isure hope so anyway!

  • Stephen, I hope you’re right. Seems to me many of the big “fests” have become a bit stale and corporate – perhaps this has a chance to return a large-scale alternative taste to the city’s cultural scene.