Watermelon Ice Cream For Dogs ( Video )

We are making ‘Watermelon Ice Cream’ for dogs. We are even going to use an actual ice cream maker to do this and before we even get into the video. For those of you that are gonna ask: “You can eat this?” You can totally eat this ice cream as well. It will be delicious! Let’s get to it! You guys had been asking me… I got dog hair in my head.

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Video summary:

Look at that! You guys had been asking us to do, some new ice cream recipes for quite a while now and here in the United States, ‘Memorial Day’ weekend, is this weekend. Which is kind of like the beginning to summer for most of us, here in the states.

I thought this would be something really fun. If you are getting ready to have a BBQ this weekend with your friends, you can make some awesome watermelon ice cream.

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Most people are going to have watermelon on a BBQ anyway and you can share it with your dogs and as I said earlier, you can totally eat it as well. I’m going to make this in an ice cream maker.

You do not necessarily have to do that. The ice cream maker is just going to make it a little bit creamier. You can also put it in little cups and freeze it, if you want to. Let’s get to making some watermelon ice cream. We know, these girls like watermelon. Learn more in the video.

Watermelon Ice Cream For Dogs
Watermelon Ice Cream For Dogs