Valentine’s Day Strawberry Gummy Dog Treats ( Video )

Guess what we’re doing today! Today we are going to make… Some super easy gummy Strawberry Valentine Dog Treats!

Look at all the dogs in here. We’re ready to make some treats. This is actually a really simple easy recipe.

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Video summary:

There’s like three ingredients and that’s it . We’re gonna show you guys how to make these real quick. if you want to see some more Valentine’s treat videos, there will be a link up in the cards and down in the video description below.

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Let’s make some treats! You’re waiting patiently aren’t you? Shelby’s like, “I’m being very patient!” “Can we just get on with it?”

So the first thing we’re gonna want to do is take about a cup, of chopped up strawberries. But first, we’ll see if everybody will eat one. How about strawberry, no dip? Oh, man! Oh! She ate it!

She actually ate it! She didn’t spit it out! Strawberry, no dip? I know you’ll eat it with no dip. How about you? Strawberry, no dip? What was that? Oh! You just wanna lick It? Learn more in the video!