Unlocking Wellness – An Insight into Yogic Kriya

Yogic Kriya is one powerful cleansing technique that’s a big part of yoga practice. It involves doing these purification methods called the six kriyas that really cleanse you inside.

To get the full benefits from doing Kriya, you gotta have the proper posture and spine alignment. That’s crucial. When you address the energy blocks in your body with Kriya yoga, it can actually help heal physical diseases.

Pretty neat! It brings your breath, thoughts and awareness into balance which helps even out your emotions and makes you feel better overall. Kriya yoga also opens you up to go into deep meditation states and experience non-dual reality, which is the ultimate goal.

The key is, you really need to learn Kriya from a true mentor who can initiate you properly so you can practice it safely and effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kriya is a powerful cleansing technique used in yoga
  • It involves six purification methods called the six kriyas
  • Good posture and spine alignment is really important
  • Kriya yoga can heal diseases by fixing energy blocks
  • It balances your breath, thoughts and awareness to improve emotional health
  • And it can lead to deep meditation and non-dual awareness
  • Proper initiation from a true mentor is essential to learn it right

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The Benefits of Yogic Kriya Purification

By learning Yogic Kriyas from a skilled yoga teacher, you can totally transform your life and connect with higher consciousness. This is a practice that uses breathwork and spine alignment to reach deep awareness, self-realization, and spiritual growth.

There are so many benefits that can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. The purification techniques of Yogic Kriya cleanse your body and mind so energy can flow freely.

This detoxes you physically but also releases energy blocks, so you heal and feel more vitality. A teacher guides you in the different kriyas and personalizes it for you.

Proper posture and spine alignment are super important in Yogic Kriya. They ensure energy flows properly so you get the full benefits. By lining up your spine right and having good posture, you optimize the movement of Prana or life force through your body.

This leads to better physical health and balance. Aligning breath, thoughts and awareness creates mindfulness and inner harmony too, helping emotional wellness and mental clarity.

Yogic Kriya opens the door to deep meditation, letting you access higher consciousness beyond the ego. As you go deeper into the practice, you may have profound moments of stillness and oneness with universal consciousness.

This spiritual journey to non-dual reality can really accelerate your personal growth and understanding of how mind, body and spirit are interconnected.

The Benefits of Yogic Kriya
Enhanced physical healing and vitality
Improved emotional well-being and mental clarity
Deepened states of awareness and self-realization
Heightened spiritual growth and connection with universal consciousness

Understanding the Six Kriyas / Canva

Understanding the Six Kriyas

Yogic Kriya has six cleansing techniques called the six kriyas. Each one targets purification of the body, mind and energy in its own way to help you be well and realize your true self.

The first is neti kriyas for nasal cleansing. You use a neti pot or nasal wash to rinse out your nasal passages. This removes gunk and improves breathing.

Next is basti kriya to clean out the colon with a special enema. It kicks toxins out of your digestive system and makes your gut healthier.

The third one, trataka kriya, involves staring steadily at one point. This boosts your focus, concentration and vision while calming your mind.

Dhauti uses a long cloth to cleanse the upper digestive system. It takes out stuck energy and toxins for better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Kapalbhati kriya is a powerful breathing technique with forceful exhales and passive inhales. It stimulates the organs, detoxifies breathing and energizes you fully.

The last one, nauli cleasing stomach and intestines. These balance the energy channels, prepping you for deeper spiritual work.

So in summary. 6 kriyas for purifying body, mind, energy

  • Dhauti – Cleansing of the mouth and throat

  • Basti – Cleansing of the large intestine

  • Neti – Cleansing of the nasal passages

  • Nauli – Strengthening of the abdominal organs

  • Trataka – Eyes purification

  • Kapalbhati –Cleansing of the frontal area of the brain

How to Practice Yogic Kriya Safely / Canva

How to Practice Yogic Kriya Safely

Every person is unique, so what works for one may not work for you. Listen to your body and respect your limits. Start slowly, building up intensity and duration as you get comfortable. Stay focused on your breath, thoughts and awareness – they really impact your practice.

Here are some tips:

  • Find an experienced teacher to guide you properly. Their initiation ensures you learn the techniques right.
  • Be consistent with a routine that fits your abilities and goals. Commit to regular practice.
  • Choose a peaceful, clean space free of distractions to practice in.
  • Pay attention to posture and spine alignment. Proper alignment maximizes benefits.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished before and after practice to support your body.
  • Practice within your comfort zone. Don’t push past what feels right.
  • Listen to your body and rest when needed. Breaks for recovery are just as important.

The key is being in tune with your unique body while having an experienced teacher’s guidance. Build up slowly and focus on good alignment, hydration and rest. Listen to what your body needs in each moment to practice effectively.

Healing Benefits of Yogic Kriya / Canva

Healing Benefits of Yogic Kriya

Yogic Kriya can actually heal physical diseases by fixing energy blocks so your energy flows freely. This boosts your overall well-being. Through the breathing and spine alignment of Kriya yoga, you can reach deep relaxation and inner balance.

This helps your body’s natural healing happen. By focusing on your breath and spine, Kriya activates your energy centers or chakras, clearing any blocks that might be stopping the flow.

This can have a big impact on physical health since blocks are tied to different aches and pains. Kriya also connects your breath, thoughts and awareness to make your body and mind work together smoothly.

By purposefully directing your breath and staying mentally clear, you can lower stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance. This improves your overall well-being.

Physical Benefits Emotional Benefits Mental Benefits
Increase in energy levels Release of emotional tension Improved focus and concentration
Enhanced immune system Increased self-awareness Reduced mental fatigue
Pain relief Improved mood and positivity Enhanced creativity

Yogic Kriya and Spiritual Growth / Canva

Yogic Kriya and Spiritual Growth

Learning Yogic Kriya opens up deep meditation and sets you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. It ultimately leads to non-dual reality. This ancient practice using breathwork and spine alignment is transformative, going beyond the physical world.

Through Yogic Kriya, you can tap into profound awareness and connect with your true essence.

By purifying your body and clearing energy blocks, Kriya creates harmony in the flow of prana or life force energy.

This improves your overall well-being, bringing balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

In everyday language:

Yogic Kriya opens doors to deep meditation and spiritual growth, leading to non-dual reality. The breathwork and spine alignment offer a transformative journey beyond the physical.

You can tap into profound awareness and your essence. Purifying your body and energy cultivates harmony in your life force. This balances you physically, mentally and emotionally.

So in short, Yogic Kriya uses breath and the spine to journey beyond the physical. It purifies you, builds awareness of your true self and cultivates harmony.

The result is deep meditation, spiritual growth and overall balanced well-being.

Yogic Kriya and Spiritual Growth
Deep Meditative States Non-dual Reality
Through sustained practice of Yogic Kriya, you can enter deep meditative states where the mind transcends ordinary thoughts and attains a state of stillness. In these states, you can experience a profound connection with the divine and a heightened sense of inner peace and clarity. The ultimate goal of Yogic Kriya is to realize non-dual reality, the understanding that all duality and separation are illusory. By delving into the practice, you can discover the oneness and interconnectedness of all things, transcending ego-bound identities and expanding your consciousness.


Starting yoga with Yogic Kriya can profoundly transform you and help you realize your true self. So it’s essential to have an experienced teacher guide you to unlock its full power.

Yogic Kriya focuses on breathwork and spine alignment to reach deep awareness and spiritual growth. Proper posture lets you experience its full benefits.

One amazing thing about Yogic Kriya is it can address physical diseases by releasing energy blocks in the body. It also balances emotions by connecting breath, thoughts and awareness. This improves overall well-being.

Additionally, Yogic Kriya opens the door to deep meditation states, guiding you toward non-dual reality. As you surrender to the practice, you can tap into your profound essence.

To fully explore Yogic Kriya’s transformative power, proper initiation from a genuine mentor is crucial. An experienced teacher provides guidance so you can approach it safely and effectively. Their wisdom will help you navigate Yogic Kriya and empower your yoga journey.

In summary:

  • Yogic Kriya can profoundly transform you with a teacher’s guidance
  • It uses breathwork and spine alignment for deep awareness
  • Releases energy blocks addressing physical diseases
  • Balances emotions by connecting breath, thoughts, awareness
  • Opens deep meditation states and non-dual reality
  • Proper initiation from a mentor ensures safe, effective practice

So with an experienced teacher’s support, Yogic Kriya offers profound personal transformation through breath, posture and meditation.

Yogic Krias Unlocking Wellness / Canva
Yogic Krias Unlocking Wellness