📺 Old Town Market Turns Into Family Dog Show

Lompoc’s Old Town Market will soon be returning and pet lovers are gonna love this show even more! Imagine turning on your television set and watching movies or series with your pet dog, and seeing on screen some of the cutest faces of celebrity dogs on air.

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– Not all TV program features pets and it’s a very sad thing for pet lovers.
– There are some good shows that do include furry and four-legged hosts.
– One of these is the TV series Old Town Market, which will soon be returning on air.

That’s not just for mere imagination, as Lompoc’s Old Town Market will be returning this month for its yearly summer program.

This is exciting news indeed for all pet lovers out there. As every series will feature a wide variety of entertainment ranging from food and health topics, also in farming, and other home or family topics that the audience find very useful.

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The best part is, there will be a dog show every week, also featuring the cute dog owned by the hosts themselves.

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