Best Travel Yoga Mats – Tips For Travelling With Yoga Mat

Tips For Travelling With Yoga Mat / CanvaTips for travelling with yoga mat. Finding the perfect mat to take on trips can be tough. Travel yoga mats are thinner than regular ones.

So they need a good grip. Our article offers tips and choices for the best travel yoga mats.

Connected to travelling with yoga mat you have to consider portability, foldability, cleanliness, grip and stability.

Keep reading to find your ideal travel buddy!

Benefits of Travelling with Yoga Mat

Carrying a yoga mat while travelling keeps your wellness routine on track. It’s easy to pack a lightweight, foldable yoga mat in your luggage or carry-on bag. This means you can practice anywhere—hotel rooms, parks, or beaches.

Key Takeaways

  • When buying a travel yoga mat, focus on grip and durability. Lightness for easy packing, and eco – friendliness to protect the planet. Mats made from natural or recycled materials are better choices.
  • The top 5 travel yoga mats for 2024 include brands like Manduka, eKO, SuperLite and Lululemon (Reversible) Travel Mat. These mats stand out due to their durability, grip, portability, and use of eco-friendly materials.
  • Maintaining a yoga mat while traveling needs simple care like rolling it loosely. Cleaning often with gentle cleaners. Allowing it to breathe after reaching your destination, and using a towel during sessions to keep it clean.

Video – Travel Packing Hack for Your Yoga Mat

A personal item like this turns any spot into your own little gym. You stay fit and reduce stress even when away from home.

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

Yoga mats made for travel are durable and have a strong grip for sweaty workouts. Brands like Gaiam, Manduka, and JadeYoga offer mats that are eco-friendly too. These mats help you keep up with yoga wherever you go without hurting the planet.

So, bringing one along is a no-brainer for any traveler wanting to maintain their fitness routine while exploring new places.

How to Travel with a Yoga Mat / CanvaTips on How to Travel with a Yoga Mat

Traveling with a yoga mat keeps your practice going. No matter where you are. It helps you stay fit and relaxed during trips. Here’s how to make it easy:

  1. Choose a lightweight mat. Mats like the Eko Superlite or the Mikkoa foldable travel yoga mat weigh less. They won’t add much weight to your luggage.
  2. Pick a mat that folds or rolls tightly. This saves space in your suitcase or backpack. Some mats can fold as small as a laptop or roll up very thin.
  3. Use a strap or yoga mat bag for easy carrying. A strap lets you sling the mat over your shoulder. A bag keeps it clean and makes it simple to grab.
  4. Check airline rules if flying. Most airlines let you bring a yoga mat as carry – on luggage. Or in addition to your suitcase without extra cost.
  5. Pack smartly around the mat. If rolled inside your baggage. Place softer items like clothes around it for more cushioning and space use.
  6. Consider using the mat as a prop for leisure activities too. Not just for practice sessions on the road.
  7. Keep the size in mind. When picking out a travel yoga mat. Some mats are longer than others. Offering more room for various poses but may take up more space.
  8. Cleaning is key. Choose mats that are easy to clean. Since traveling can expose them to dirt and germs more often than at home practices.
  9. Think about eco – friendliness. Mats made of natural rubber can be better for our planet and often provide excellent grip and durability too.

Each of these tips ensures that traveling with a yoga mat is hassle-free, creating comfort during transit and helping maintain health through regular practice sessions, regardless of location.

Consider When Buying a Travel Yoga Mat / CanvaWhat to Consider When Buying a Travel Yoga Mat

When picking a travel yoga mat, think about how it feels and lasts, if it’s light to carry, and if it’s good for the earth. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Grip & Durability

Grip and lasting use matter a lot for travel yoga mats. Pick one that won’t slip. So you can hold poses safely. Your mat needs to stick well even on smooth floors. Make sure it’s tough too.

A good mat lasts through many trips and workouts without tearing or wearing thin.

Materials like rubber give great grip and last a long time. Some are made from natural sources which is better for the planet. Look for mats that say “reversible” or have a “weave” texture for extra stickiness and longer life.

Lightweight & Portability

Packing light makes travel easier. A yoga mat that is light and easy to carry fits right into this idea. The best travel mats weigh less than 3 pounds. Making them perfect for any trip.

You can easily tuck them into a suitcase. Or a carry-on bag without adding much weight. This means more room for other essentials or souvenirs from your adventures.

Some mats even fold up smaller than a laptop. Leaving plenty of space in your luggage. Brands like Lululemon and Manduka offer these superlite options that you can take anywhere. From sightseeing trips to business travels.

They make sure you stay on top of your practice no matter where you are. Without the hassle of carrying heavy gear around.


Choosing the right yoga travel mat also means thinking about the planet. Eco-friendliness is key. Look for mats made from natural or recycled materials. These are better for the earth than synthetic ones.

Many travel mats now use rubber sourced from trees in a way that doesn’t hurt the tree. This kind of rubber, known as “natural rubber”. It makes your mat grippy and durable without harming the environment.

Some brands even make their yoga mats with closed-cell technology. This means they don’t soak up sweat and bacteria. Keeping them clean and reducing the need to replace them often.

Long-lasting mats decrease waste, making them a smart choice for both you and nature. Plus, using eco-friendly materials often means less smell and harmful chemicals involved. Which is great for your health too.

5 Travel Yoga Mats / CanvaTop 5 Travel Yoga Mats for 2024

Selecting the right travel yoga mat makes your journey smooth and your yoga practice joyful. Here’s a peek at the top 5 travel yoga mats for 2023 to help you make an informed choice.

BrandModelKey Features
MandukaeKO SuperLiteEco-friendly, highly durable, offers a superb grip
Lululemon(Reversible) Travel MatLightweight, reversible, made with natural rubber
GaiamFoldable Travel MatUltra-light, foldable, fits easily in your travel bag
YogamattersSticky Travel MatSticky for a better hold, lightweight, easy to carry
PidoTPE Travel Yoga MatEco-friendly TPE material, water-resistant, dual-sided texture for extra stability

Each of these mats stands out for being travel-friendly. While not compromising on the quality of your yoga practice. Whether you prioritize eco-friendliness, grip, or the ease of carrying it around.

You’ll find a mat that suits your needs in this list. Remember, the right mat can be your best travel companion. Keeping your yoga routine uninterrupted no matter where you are.

Maintain a Yoga Mat While Travelling / CanvaHow to Maintain a Yoga Mat While Travelling

Keeping your yoga mat clean and fresh during trips is key. Here are simple ways to take care of it:

  1. Roll your mat loosely. Tight rolls can make creases. Use a strap or a carrier to keep it secure but not squeezed.
  2. Unroll the mat as soon as you reach your place. Letting it breathe avoids bad smells and keeps it flat.
  3. Clean it often. Use a gentle cleaner or make one with water and a little vinegar. Spray lightly and wipe with a soft cloth.
  4. Dry it well after cleaning. Hang it in a shady spot. Away from direct sunlight which can harm its material.
  5. Store the mat in cool, dry places while traveling. Avoid hot cars or damp areas which can make the material break down faster.
  6. Use a yoga towel on top when practicing. This helps soak up sweat and keeps the mat from getting too dirty.
  7. Fold your mat if you need more space in your bag. But do this only when necessary as folding can leave marks.
  8. Check the hotel for yoga mats first. Some offer them to guests. Letting you leave yours home and avoid wear during travel.
  9. Pack essentials. Like a small spray bottle of cleaner and a quick – dry towel for easy cleaning on the go.
  10. Look out for signs of wear and tear. Like thin spots or tears, especially after many trips, to know when it’s time for a new one.


Picking the right yoga mat for your trips makes a big difference. With so many choices out there.

You can find one that fits your travel style and keeps up with your routine. Look for ones that are easy to carry, durable, and give good support.

Brands like Manduka and Lululemon have great options for travelers. Taking care of your mat on the go ensures it lasts longer, so you’re always ready for a session, no matter where you are.

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