Top 10 Canadian Dog Breeds List ( Video )

Canada is home to some of the most famous dog breeds in the world as well. To some, they are already extinct. In this video I will show all the dogs originating in Canada.Β  Number 10, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

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Video summary:

Shorter name for this dog is Duck Toller. They are fully developed in early of 20 century to lure and retrieve water birds. Interesting fact is that they have water-repellent coat which helps them to stay warm and dry no matter what.

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Duck Tollers are very friendly and intelligent and they are very well trainable. Number nine, Hare Indian dog. First extinct dog breed that lived mostly around Great Bear Lake, Lake Winnipeg and Lake Superior.

They were used for hunting by sight and they were very fast. This breed was probably developed by breeding Tahitan dogs with Viking dogs.

They almost never bark but they were known for howling a lot Number eight, Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland is giant dog breed with extreme power.

They are well-muscled all over their bodies. They are versatile and tough which is thanks to the climate and terrain they were developed. Temperament of Newfoundland dog can be described as pretty creative, dignified, joyful and gentle.

Number seven, Salish Wool dog. Second extinct dog breed and again it’s a dog that was bred by Native American people. Salish Wool dog lived in a region of today’s British Columbia. They had very unique purpose.

Top 10 Canadian Dog Breeds List
Top 10 Canadian Dog Breeds List