Third Eye Yoga – Do This Every Morning!

The third eye chakra is located in the center of your head. It is believed to be linked to perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. If you want to do some third eye yoga, check out this 10-minute routine. Watch the video below to know how to do this third eye yoga routine!

Duda writes in the comments:

This chakra series is amazing! Can we have another one but with 30 min each?? ????????????

It is best to practice this third eye yoga routine every morning! The poses will be held for about 30 seconds so it’s something that’s really doable and can be incorporated before you start your day.

Third Eye Yoga 10-Minute Routine

You will start with a breathing exercise before the other yoga poses begin. The next thing that you will do in this routine is a sitting yoga position. You will be folding your body to the side or towards your front. You can use a yoga block to help you with this position.

The next yoga pose is child’s pose. You can come into contact with your mat directly or you can also use your yoga block.

The other yoga pose in this third eye yoga routine is the downward dog. If you can bring your leg up while doing this and bend your knees to open up your hips that would be great!

Lastly, you will do a supported yoga bridge.

What's The Benefit Of Third Eye Yoga / Canva
What’s The Benefit Of Third Eye Yoga

What Are The Benefits Of Third Eye Yoga?

Unlock your intuition, gain deeper insights and unlock creativity within – that is the promise of third eye yoga!

An age-old practice rooted deeply in Eastern spirituality, it combines postures with breathwork and meditation to help open up access to higher realms of consciousness.

With regular engagement comes a host of valuable benefits on all levels: physical health improvements, greater mental clarity and emotional balance. Make this ancient journey today for an experience like no other!

Third Eye Yoga Can Promote Rejuvenation

Unlock the power of your third eye area and discover true relaxation. Through specific postures, you can achieve deep rejuvenation that radiates from within.

Breathwork helps to circulate energy blockages around this chakra whilst stretching the neck muscles can improve range of motion in all directions. Both are important factors in relieving associated headaches or eyestrain.

Improves Focus And Concentration

By exploring their inner depths through third eye yoga, practitioners can sharpen focus and concentration while letting go of distracting worries. This exercise leads to a state where attention is naturally directed inward for improved clarity and insight into oneself.

Meditation brings further clarity as insight into one’s true nature begins to unfold. Enabling healthier living by guiding us towards decisions based on our personal values rather than an ego-driven impulse.

Improves Intuition

Through regular practice of third eye yoga, we’re able to tap into intuitive knowledge and develop a heightened sensitivity for our environment.

This helps us make decisions without overthinking or relying solely on logic, enabling deeper connections both with ourselves and others around us by removing mental blocks that may have been holding us back before.

Ready to unleash your greatness? With third eye yoga, you can access a higher level of conscious awareness and gain the power to reach your goals. Give it a shot today and find out what makes your life extraordinary!

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