How to Make TACOS For Dogs – DIY Dog Treats ( Video )

I’m sure you guys can already tell by the title of today’s video. In celebration of ‘5 de Mayo’ coming up this weeked.

And answering one of our most requested treat requests from you guys… Today we are making… Tacos for dogs!

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No joke, you guys! Tacos for dogs! And yes, before everybody ask… You can totally eat one of these tacos yourselves as well if you want to.

We did a few modifications to make them a little bit healthier for the dogs. Let’s go through it and tell you how to make tacos for dogs.

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Are you excited too? They are like: “I smell hamburger and rice!” “Those are my two (2) favorite things!” Alright! Let’s make some tacos! You’re ready to do this? Are you ready to make some tacos? Alright you guys! As requested, a bunch of times on this channel, we’re making dog friendly tacos today.