Best Strawberry Watermelon Dog Treat ( Video )

Today, we are making… Frozen strawberry watermelon dog treats. That’s right! We are making some frozen dog treats to help cool these puppies down.

Let’s get to making some of these treats. Because, holy cow! Is hot in here! I had to turn the AC off for this, so were doing this fast. The first thing you are going to need, is a seedless watermelon.

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The nice thing about this treat is, you don’t need a whole watermelon. You’ll have enough for you and the dogs. Actually and realistically, if you want to eat these frozen treats, you actually can.

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Look! I have as much watermelon for Jamie and I. Some of you may notice, I said seedless watermelon. This watermelon still does have a little bit of seeds in it. Learn more in the video!