Spontaneous Intuition For Decision Making?

Does spontaneous intuition for decision making work? Our inner tug-of-war. We often struggle to make a decision because there can be a conflict between our heads and guts. One is logical, the other intuitive.

As humans in the Western world we tend to trust logic more than intuition since it’s easier for us explain. But what if science has found that going with your gut could actually lead you down better paths?

This article provides insight into why this may be true, so read on find out how trusting your intuition might help you come up with decisions when faced with complex choices.

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Did We Have Been Conditioned To Distrust Our Intuition?

We often feel lost when making decisions, as if we are pulled in two opposing directions. But the truth is that deep down inside we already know what to do. Our intuition speaks a language full of wisdom.

However, misguided social conditioning has us forgetting its voice. Too easily ceding power over choices to our ever-questioning minds instead of trusting ourselves first and foremost.

As much as we look to outside sources for guidance on how and when to sleep, eat, and exercise. All the answers lie within us!

Our bodies give us signals that clue into what it needs. Tiredness tells us it’s time for some rest. Hunger indicates a need of nourishment and restlessness means our body wants activity.

Sadly though, many have become too distant from themselves. So these signs are often overlooked or suppressed in lieu of scientific advice.

Body Knows The Answer / Canva

Our Body Knows The Answer?

Our bodies can provide us with the answers we need. Even when it comes to making big decisions. All you have to do is connect and listen! Try out an easy exercise like flipping a coin.

Observe your immediate reaction before letting thoughts take over. This will help steer you in the right direction towards life’s most important paths. Giving our journey that much needed extra clarity of mind.

Making decisions can be a difficult process. Often leaving us feeling confused and overwhelmed. My coaching practice utilizes the wisdom of our somatic systems to make it easier. I invite clients to explore their options through “chairing”.

For example, if faced with two choices they physically sit in each chair. Representing those different alternatives. It’s allowing them time for reflection before making any final decision. In this way we are able to gain clarity on the best path ahead!

As you explore each chair. Pay attention to the sensations and feelings that come up. Trust your body’s wisdom. It knows what is best for you more than anyone else! Take pause in every moment. Close your eyes, imagine having chosen this particular path before taking action.

How does living with this choice feel? Is there any joy or do emotions of dread rise above all else? Record these moments so when reflecting back on them later a world of possibilities can be seen much clearer.

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Decisiveness Is A Question Of Self-Confidence

Beeing a decison maker and use intuition can be hard. Especially when we don’t have confidence in our own judgment or feel uneasy internally. At those times it is more difficult to decide what we want and consider the possible negative repercussions of a choice.

In order to make choices with assurance. Then, it falls on us to build trust both within ourselves and towards our capabilities. Only then will true peace reign over decision-making!

What If We Couldn’t Make A Mistake?

Choices in life are inevitable. But how we respond to the outcome of those choices is ultimately more important than our initial decision. Facing a bad choice and not taking action can be worse than admitting it was wrong and making amends. No matter if its finding a new home or revisiting an old one.

Nothing should stand between us growing from any experience as long as we embrace mistakes for what they really are. Learning opportunities that push us forward with newfound wisdom!

Our Gut Is Often Smarter Than Our Head / Canva

Why Our Gut Is Often Smarter Than Our Head

Our conscious minds are like laser beams. Precise and powerful, yet only able to tackle the merest fraction of all that data our senses take in.

Meanwhile, our intuitive subconscious is a veritable powerhouse. Capable of processing millions more bits per second than we could ever hope for with consciousness alone!

This is why it’s often better to go with your gut when making life decisions. While precision has its place, sometimes you need a bigger picture view provided by pure instinct.

Our limited minds might be adept at solving mathematical problems. But when it comes to the bigger questions of life our subconscious is far better suited.

It holds a much greater depth and breadth of data than any one thought could ever contain. It’s allowing us to have insight into matters that are beyond comprehension through conscious reasoning alone.

Yet ironically this part of ourselves requires concrete evidence in order for its conclusions take hold. Otherwise we’d be stuck within limiting confines of our own understanding!

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Intuition Needs No Justification

Impulsive decisions are often seen as being risky. But research shows that buying something you like on a whim can have its benefits. In fact, when it comes to car purchases studies suggest people who act impulsively end up much more satisfied in the long run. Than those weighed down by analysis and intense decision making. So don’t be scared off from going with your gut!

Our minds, so often driven by language and logic-based arguments. They can be very deceptive in making decisions. Indeed the real question should not necessarily be ‘is it logical?’, but rather ‘do I really want this?’

Advertising panders to our irrational nature all too easily. Witness those city dwellers who buy an SUV for only a couple of mountain trips every other year. Their justification doesn’t make economic sense but makes emotional appeal!

How Our Mind Differs From Our Intuition

Despite our best intentions. All too often we find ourselves listening to the obstinate chatter of our minds. Instead of being true to what is right for us.

This inner dialogue typically comes in the form of SHOULDs – commands. That tell us how and when things are supposed to be done. Even though it might not feel authentic or genuine in its execution.

When looking over decisions it’s important we think reflectively before acting. So as not give into this misguided mental guidance from within and live life on your own terms.

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A Fantastic Decision?

The North Pole is often seen as a frozen paradise. Where being lost and alone in the beauty of nature can be thrilling. However, when you take into account all that it takes to make such an expedition come true.

Months of preparation and high costs with risks like frostbite or even death along the way. Perhaps this enchanted place isn’t so desirable afterall.

Is your dream a reality or just an imagination? Take the time to delve into all of its details and accompanying elements. If they seem like more than you can handle. Then it may be better left as a figment of your desire!

Why We Do Not Trust Our Intuition

Our hearts are like the ultimate navigators, leading us on a journey of purpose and joy. By pursuing genuine desires from our core we can experience true fulfillment. Not just momentary happiness based upon what is attained externally.

As a parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made. Like whether or not you should take your kids to gym class today. But even if social media could help improve visibility for yourself and/or business. Don’t feel pressure into something isn’t right for you!

Ask yourself honestly “Do I want this?” instead of simply “Do I feel like doing it?” You may find taking an Instagram Live doesn’t align with what truly matters in life – caring for your children.

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When We Do What We Really Want, We Get Energy

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what it is that truly makes you feel alive? What decisions do I make, and why am I making them? For one week challenge yourself. Follow your intuition!

Don’t focus on if the activity or task sounds enjoyable. Instead check in with whether this feels like something you really want to do from within.

Over time, take notice of how brighter life can be by honoring our genuine desires. Even when it’s hard. Trust us — reconnecting with these authentic wants will bring tremendous energy into every day!

Our feelings are a tool for our own guidance. When we feel pain, it’s telling us to back away from something that doesn’t serve or fulfill us.

On the other hand, if there is an intense desire within you. One pushing you forward in life. Then trust your gut and go with it! Let inner intuition be your guide once again.

Intuition For Decision Making