Why Saying “Dog Owners” Is Inappropriate

Although it is completely harmless, calling ourselves “dog owners” have always been the norm. However, calling ourselves such is implying just how much our dogs really matter to us.

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– We put a fair amount of time naming our dogs.
– We call them based on how we look at them and how we feel about them.
– Most times, we refer to ourselves as their “owner”.

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Perhaps we did not really mean to sound possessive and such but calling ourselves “dog owner” is a subconscious way to imply that they are our property or that we own them – making them seem like an inanimate object, like a piece of furniture or anything that is of our property.

Since a lot of people claim that they treat their dogs like family, it’s actually contradicting to hear that they would also be the same people to fondly use the term “owner”, if indeed they see these pets as part of their family. It’s absolutely harmless, that’s why no one has ever made a big deal out of it, but there are a minority of people who just can’t bring themselves into using that term, due to the reason that they care and love their furry friend way too much to just consider them a mere property.

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