Tips And Ideas How To Save 🦸 Dogs From Abuse

Some people are simply TERRIBLE with animals, like this man here from Northbridge.

– What happens when an irresponsible man is left with a small dog to care for?
– Richard Piquard is a 24-year-old man allegedly buried ALIVE a Shih Tzu dog name Chico.
– Chico was originally owned by Piquard’s former girlfriend, Kaylee Belanger.

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When Richard Piquard and Kaylee Belanger broke up 18 months ago, Belanger gave Piquard her Shih Tzu dog Chico, with faith that Picquard would at the very least give Chico the basic needs that it has to survive.

She did not expect Chico to live a pampered life, but Belanger was also extremely shocked when she found out what her poor pet had to go through in the hands of her former boyfriend.

Chico was buried ALIVE by Piquard, and it was a good thing that Belanger decided to pay a visit and see for herself. That was when she discovered that Chico was actually alive when Piquard decided to bury him.

Allegedly, Piquard just acquired a new pet cat when the incident happened, and the police suspect that this might have led to the cruel act of Piquard toward the small dog.

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