Ribbon Yoga – Have You Ever Heard Of It?

Ribbon yoga is commonly known as aerial yoga. There is a long piece of fabric that swings from the ceiling and you will use these hammocks to do some yoga poses.

This is a 13-minute yoga sequence that you will definitely enjoy doing! Are you excited to see how ribbon yoga is practiced?

Video – Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Sequence

If you are considering doing aerial yoga or ribbon yoga, check out some fabrics that you can use that are yoga-approved.

If you do not have an area in the house where you can practice aerial yoga, try looking for yoga studios in your area that offer ribbon yoga.

Ribbon Yoga Benefits

With ribbon yoga, since you have the support of the fabric, you will be able to extend the yoga poses more. It helps you deepen the stretches.

The fabric helps relieve joint pressure and spinal compression. While you do yoga poses. It also helps improve your flexibility, stability, and balance.

It does not mean that you should rely on it. Because ribbon yoga offers you a sense of comfort from the fabric.

You should still be aware that you are doing the yoga poses correct. And try doing the yoga poses without the fabric.

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You still have to control your body and master your balance. Because you do not want to fall off from the fabric whenever you are doing ribbon yoga sequences.

Check out the video for a sample ribbon yoga sequence. Some of the poses are chair pose, airplane pose, warrior 3, split stretch, and forward fold. Let us know if you liked it or not!

Is Ribbon Yoga Popular?

Ribbon or aerial yoga is a relative new form of exercise. that has become popular in recent years. It combines traditional yoga poses.

With the use of a hammock suspended from the ceiling. Allowing practitioners to take their practice to an entire new level.

The hammock provides stability and support. As well as an opportunity to experience inverted postures. That can be difficult or inaccessible on the ground.

It also offers the perfect environment for more gentle stretching. To protect your joints, use the correct resistance when strengthening your muscles.

Aerial yoga has been shown to be beneficial for those with chronic pain or other physical issues. Who struggle with traditional forms of exercise due to injury or stiffness.

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By using the hammock as both a support and challenge. It allows people to move safe and effective within their comfort zones. While still developing strength and flexibility.

Besides to its physical benefits. Aerial yoga is also said to offer an array of mental and spiritual rewards. Such as improved focus and mindfulness.

The combination of movement and breathwork encourages presence in the moment. Also increasing awareness of our body in space. Which can bring about inner peace and tranquility.

Ribbon yoga is rapid becoming an increasing popular form of exercise with practitioners. Ranging from professional yogis to curious newcomers. It’s offering benefits for both body and soul!

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What is Ribbon Yoga