Recommended Yoga Clothing Brands and their Specialities

If you want to find the right yoga clothing brand, your search is over. In this article we will give a handy overview of some great yoga wear brands and discuss their features.

In an ever growing market for activewear. It’s worth getting familiar with different companies. Whether comfort or style matters, maybe budget-friendliness is what counts most.

Whatever it may be there are plenty of options which should live up to anyone’s demands! From the famous Lululemon to cheaper options such as Old Navy Active and 90 Degree By Reflex.

There are a bunch of selections open. If living sustainably is something important for you, Prana should looked at.

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For people wanting sweat-wicking efficiency. Brands like Athleta and Alo Yoga have got your back covered. And even if money’s not plentiful at the moment. Amazon’s Core 10 range has affordable activewear. Which can fulfil essential yoga necessities too!

All in all – regardless of personal preferences. There’s always going to be an ideal yoga clothing brand that ticks every box!


Unbelievably Comfy and Lightweight Material

No doubt, Lululemon is the world’s one of the most renowned yoga brands. It’s known for its comfy yet lightweight fabrics.

The fabric used in their yoga pants as well leggings has an amazing comfort level. Which allows users going with ease through intensive flows. while practicing different kinds of yogasana.

Moreover, due to being light-in-weight you won’t feel weighed down. Even after long sessions.

Stretchability & Breathability

Apart from this remarkable softness and featherlike weightiness. Lululemons’ fabric also offer stellar stretch ability coupled up with incomparable breathability.

This stretch gives you most flexibility. Making it much simpler to reach those hard-to-reach spots during your yoga practice. The fabric’s breathability is another awesome aspect.

It’s allowing ample air circulation. So that you stay cool and relaxed even through hot and intense yoga workouts.

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Unbeatable Durability

Although Lululemon may be on the pricier side of things. Customers have reported their apparel being incredibly tough.

Even after regular use and washing, Lululemon clothing maintains its shape well. Meaning investing in them really pays off as they’ll probably last forever!

Old Navy Active

Are You a Bargain Shopper? Try Old Navy Active! If you’re looking for quality yoga gear that won’t break the bank, then check out Old Navy Active.

They carry an impressive selection of leggings and tops. At prices that are easier on your wallet without sacrificing style or quality.

Leggings and tops in $25-$40 range

Most items range from $25 to $40 – perfect if you don’t want to spend too much but still want great clothes. Despite the budget-friendly price tag. Many have discovered that Old Navy Active’s leggings and tops work great for yoga and fitness.

90 Degree By Reflex

Affordable Options

Same as Old Navy Active. 90 Degree by Reflex is another brand providing cost effective choices for yoga clothing. Reviews of 90 Degree By Reflect are full of praise about this company’s dresses and tees.

Saying they offer impressive performance when it comes to yoga exercises or any other physical activities.

Whether you’re just getting started with yoga or have been practicing for a while. 90 Degree By Reflex has got comfortable and functional clothing to meet your needs.

A Variety of Colors & Patterns

One thing that stands out about 90 Degree By Reflex is the range of colors and patterns they offer. Whether it’s expressing yourself through fashion in class. Or rocking an outfit suited to your individual style. This brand provides plenty of options!

From bright and eye-catching hues, to more subtle yet still stylish designs. There’s something here for everybody.

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Relish Environment-Conscious Yoga with Prana! Are you an eco-conscious yogi? If yes, then look no further than Prana. This brand knows the importance of sustainable clothing. They are offering yoga apparel created from recycled materials.

By choosing Prana’s outfits, not only do you enjoy wearing stylish clothes. You contribute to reducing waste and supporting green practices at the same time. Sounds great right? Plus there isn’t any need to break your bank as their offerings are priced between $50-$100.


Athleta knows how to serve yoga aficionados who need sweat-proof performance or prefer hot yoga. Their activewear consists of fabrics which have moisture-wicking capabilities. As well as being breathable.

Ideal for Hot Yoga Sessions or Sweat Protection Requirements The clothes from Athleta will draw away any perspiration from your skin.

Maintaining you dry and comfortable during extended workouts or intense yoga sessions. Furthermore, it allows air circulationtoo stop over heating. So one can practice without distractions.

The price range presented by Athleta ranges between 80 dollars up till one 120 dollars . This enables consumers with all kinds of resources an access their apparel line.

Investing in Athleta’s clothing lets you feel confident and supported when doing yoga. Without spending too much.

Alo Yoga

Fabrics that wicks away moisture and airs out well. Like Athleta. Alo Yoga also provides clothes with fabrics that wick away moisture as well as air out.

This makes it an excellent option for yogis who prefer hot yoga or need sweat-wicking wear. The materials used by Alo Yoga will make sure you’re comfortable and dry. So you can focus on your practice completely free of any discomforts.

For those who want to experience the best of both worlds. Between style, performance and affordability in one place. Alo Yoga is worth looking into. The price range for this brand falls within $80-120 which makes it a great cheap choice.

Amazon’s Core 10

If you’re trying to stick to a budget or prefer affordable options. Then Amazon’s Core 10 should be amongst your top choices. Every piece from this activewear line starts at only around $10-15 per item. Making it one of the most cost effective solutions out there!

No matter your style or budget. There are plenty of great yoga clothing brands out there that can meet your requirements. Whether you focus on a lightweight feel, affordability, sustainability-mindedness, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric.

Or a combination of these factors – chances are you’ll find something to meet your needs. But it pays off to check reviews from experienced yogis. This way you could determine if comfort level, fit and performance match.

What was promised for the price point you’re willing to invest in. So go ahead shopping and namaste! When it comes to Core 10’s apparel.

The quality might not be as luxurious compared with some pricier alternatives. Yet their clothes still provide enough functionability for basic yoga practice practitioners.

Chart – Number of Celebrity Endorsements of Yoga Wear Brands

number of celebrity endorsements for each yoga wear brand

Here’s a horizontal bar chart showing the number of celebrity endorsements for each yoga wear brand in 2020. The numbers are in constant change. “Tory Sport” leads with three celebrity endorsements, while several brands have two endorsements each.

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