Puppy Yoga – A New Trend?

This piece talks about puppy yoga. It’s a trend with an impact on animal welfare. Puppies are used in yoga classes. Some are as young as six weeks old. This breaks the law. The law says puppies should stay with their moms for eight weeks.

Undercover investigations have found issues. Puppies are overworked and lack water. They also feel distress from being handled by strangers. The article points out the negative effects. These experiences can harm the puppies’ emotional and behavioral development.

The article also talks about society’s views on animals. People often treat animals like humans. They dress them in human clothes. Breeding practices can lead to deformed animals. Many pet owners lack proper care knowledge.

Animals are Commodities?

It critiques puppy yoga. It says this trend commodifies animals. It notes the popularity of flat-faced breeds like French bulldogs. These breeds often have health problems.

The article calls for new laws and attitude changes. Abandonment cases reported to the RSPCA are up. More laws are needed to protect animals. But laws aren’t enough. Society’s attitudes and behaviors must change too.

The writing says puppy yoga exploits young dogs. It harms their welfare for profit and entertainment. It can negatively affect their emotional well-being long-term.

It points out contradictions in how people treat animals. Some breeding practices result in deformed animals. Many pet owners lack knowledge for proper care. The article stresses animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and the need for new laws and attitude changes.

Read the full article: https://www.theguardian.com/

Puppy Yoga New Trend / Canva
Puppy Yoga New Trend