Phase Out Dog Treats In 4 Steps ( Video )

How to phase out dog treats easy? A food motivated dog is one that can be trained very quickly. However it’s really easy to get stuck being a hostage to treats. It’s just as easy though to get rid of treats altogether and I’m going to show you how to do that, right now.

Video summary:

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Now food is a great way to get a dog into training. A food motivated dog is very easy to train very quickly, even when teaching difficult behaviour or overcoming behavior problems. What ends up happening in most cases though is that we don’t start phasing the treat out early enough and so we’re stuck using it.

Then the dog won’t perform unless we have food. We have to keep upping the ante to get them to do something, moving from simple lures to increasingly valuable food items. Even then sometimes a dog simply decides that it’s just not worth it and then you don’t have any leverage.

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We need to short-circuit this whole model and replace it with something better. From here on out you will move through four stages as you free yourself from relying on food to get your dpg to perform: remove lures, reduce rewards, replace rewards, and the ultimate fourth step, remove rewards. Learn more in the video.

How To Phase Out Dog Treats
How To Phase Out Dog Treats