Peaceful Yoga : Just What You Need To De-Stress And Unwind

Yoga can be high intensity with all the movements and balancing you have to make. However, if you just want a smooth-flowing practice, you can try this peaceful yoga routine. This routine aims to focus on breathing and balance so you can de-stress and unwind while you unclutter your mind. If you want to start, continue reading the article and watch the video below!

Kate writes in the comments:

Omg, I’ve did cheer for 7+ years and ballet before that for a second, and have done yoga and stretches so much too and watched many videos, BUT never have seen the Mermaid stretch, and let me tell you, I LOVE it, it’s such a peaceful and nice stretch!! ♥️ And I’m a girl that can appreciate a good stretch..????????♥️ I crave stretching honestly, and this was a nice mix up..????????♥️????????????????????

This peaceful yoga routine lets you surrender yourself and your mind to 10 minutes of poses that will give your body the rest it needs!

Peaceful Yoga Poses

Begin the peaceful yoga routine on a seated position on your knees. Inhale and reach your arms up to the sky. Bring your palms together, exhale, and bring your hands down to your heart.

Go ahead and do a child’s pose. Take a moment to breathe and bring yourself to the present moment. After this, get onto a table top position and do some cat cows. Transition into the downward facing doc. You can pedal or just stay still when in the downward facing dog position. Whatever you are comfortable with, just follow that.

Why Doing Peaceful Yoga / Canva
Why Doing Peaceful Yoga

Do a plank pose and then back to the downward facing dog pose. Do this twice and then go back to a plank position to transition to upward facing dog. Go back to the downward facing dog and bring your legs up to the sky. Do this for both your left and right leg and hold the position for a couple of seconds to get that nice hip stretch.

The other poses in this peaceful yoga routine are half moon, flow through, tree pose, flow it out, and mermaid. Check the video on how to do these poses!

Why Doing Peaceful Yoga?

Peaceful yoga sessions can offer a wide variety of benefits that extend beyond physical toning. Since it is based on various breathing techniques, this practice allows us to slow down and appreciate the ‘here and now’.

Allowing us pause from our daily activities and gain clarity over our thoughts. By connecting each move with deep breaths, we may be able to better observe our feelings and gain insight into ourselves!

In addition to reducing stress levels, peaceful yoga can also help improve digestion, regulate blood pressure and decrease fatigue. Giving us the energy needed to tackle the day ahead! On top of these physiological benefits, this practice also strengthens our mind-body connection, working as a form of self-care which ultimately helps soothe one’s worries and anxieties.

Peaceful Yoga To Distress / Canva
Peaceful Yoga To Distress

Overall, there are many reasons why doing peaceful yoga on a regular basis can prove beneficial for anyone looking for an effective way to manage their daily stressors and find inner calm!

From helping us become more aware of our body’s limitations – all while being gentle yet powerful — this type of yoga provides both physical & spiritual nourishment unlike any other exercise or relaxation method out there!

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