Yoga Sequences for Parkinson?

Those who have Parkinson’s will experience uncontrollable or unintended movements. They also have difficulties with balance and coordination. That is why there is a yoga sequence they can do to improve their balance. Check out the rest of the article below and watch the video!

Veronica writes in the comments:

Everything about this was so cute and creative and soothing. Thanks for making my first day back to yoga gentle and reassuring and happy.

According to studies, yoga can really help with Parkinson’s. Yoga may improve functional mobility, stability, balance, coordination, posture, strength, and range of movement.

The Yoga Sequence For People With Parkinson’s

You will start the yoga sequence with the half wheel pose. Lift your right arm up slowly. Once you reach the level of the shoulder, let your palm face upwards.

Then, continue lifting your right arm until it is pointing upwards. Stretch it as much as you can towards the ceiling. While your right arm is still stretched towards the heavens, lean your body towards the left.

Do the same with the other side of your body. Hold the position for 10 seconds once you reached the step where you lean towards the other side.

Make sure that you gently come back towards the center and bring your arm down to settle in the relaxing pose.

Yoga Sequence For People With Parkinson’s / Canva
Yoga Sequence For People With Parkinson’s

Why Yoga For Those With Parkinson’s?

Yoga is a great way to keep your body and mind in shape, especially for those with Parkinson’s. It can help not only control tremors and other physical symptoms brought on by the condition but also improve overall wellbeing.

From reducing stress to increasing flexibility, here are some of the benefits of yoga for Parkinson’s patients that make it worth considering!

First and foremost, practicing yoga helps with muscle control. Aspects like postures and breathing techniques have been proven to reduce the severity of many physical symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, such as tremors or difficulty in walking.

Additionally, performing certain poses can improve balance, coordination and range of motion which will allow individuals suffering from this condition to live more mobile lives.

Beneficial For Emotional Stability In Parkinson’s Patients?

Yoga has also been known to be beneficial for emotional stability in Parkinson’s patients; research indicates that it may help ease depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders that arise from the condition.

Simply being aware of one’s body movements can suddenly become therapeutic. Something that might be taken for granted while healthy is suddenly an empowering tool when dealing with neurological complications.

Can Yoga Increase Motivation Levels?

Last but not least, having an exercise routine like yoga can increase motivation levels. Not only will you start feeling better physically but mentally too.

Furthermore, group classes provide social interaction which may lead to improved quality of life since loneliness often accompanies long term illness such as Parkinson’s disease.

Overall, yoga has plenty of potential benefits for people living with Parkinson’s – so why not give it a try? With proper guidance from an instructor or healthcare provider familiar with the disease and its effects, regular practice could be a great addition to your daily regimen!

Yoga for Parkinson / Canva
Yoga for Parkinson