Nurture Yoga – A 20-Minute Routine You Will Love

With yoga, you aren’t just training your body to be strong, flexible, and balanced. You also want yoga to be a way for you to nurture your mind and body. With this nurture yoga 20-minute sequence, you will achieve just that!

Check out the rest of the article and the video below to know how you can do this nurture yoga sequence.

Video – Nurture Yoga Sequence

For this nurture yoga sequence, you will need a blanket. So, if you have one, grab it before you start the routine!

Nurture Yoga Poses

The first thing you will do for this sequence is to sit in a comfortable position and then inhale and exhale to relax your shoulders.

After you are in tune with your breathing and you have relaxed your body, draw our left heel in towards your body and interlace your fingertips as you stretch towards your heel.

Bring your fingers around your heel and feel that stretch. If you can, bring your forehead down to your knee. Do the same for your right side.

Next is bring your thighs to your side as if you are going to do a butterfly pose with your thighs. However, for this nurture yoga position, bring your body forward as you fold into your feet.

The next thing you will do is do a boat pose so that you also exercise your core in this sequence. In the video, you will find different modifications for the boat pose.

Watch the rest of the video and let us know how this sequence was for you!

Does Yoga Nurture The Soul?

It’s widely accepted that yoga brings physical benefits, such as improved flexibility, strength, and balance. But does yoga nurture the soul? Absolutely!

Yoga is a practice of connecting deeply with oneself, both in body and mind.

Through this connection, we can begin to explore our innermost depths and find out what it is that moves us, drives us and motivates us in life.

By exploring our emotions deeply, we create balance and harmony within ourselves, creating lasting joy that nourishes our soul.

Does Yoga Nurture The Soul / Canva
Does Yoga Nurture The Soul

Yoga Helps To Live In The Present Moment

Yoga also encourages us to live in the present moment and teaches us how to stay mindful of our bodies and their feelings. As we consciously observe our inner workings, we can begin to understand how thoughts arise and how they impact our emotional state.

In doing so, we gain insight into which parts of life bring us joy as well as which areas need more focus or attention in order to heal any wounds or traumas that may be holding us back from achieving our fullest potential.

Through yoga’s many postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditations (dharana), we learn how to focus on the journey rather than the destination.

This allows for greater understanding at each step along the way, making it easier for us to achieve a state of peace with whatever arises in life without having to suppress or push away difficult feelings or emotions like fear or sadness.

By connecting deeply with yourself through yoga’s ancient practices you can tap into an inexhaustible source of energy and nourishment for your soul. Opening up doors to greater clarity and contentment that lasts far beyond your mat.