NEW Dog πŸ€’ Disease That Can Spread To Humans!? Find Out And Be Careful!

Dogs can harbor with them so many microorganisms which cause them to get sick.

– Most of the time, the microorganisms that dogs carry are exclusive only to dogs.
– A new disease is currently spreading in Iowa, and dog owners are getting alarmed.
– The threat is real, according to veterinarians, this new disease can also harm humans.

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Iowa is not on high alert for a new dog disease that’s spreading like wildfire. It started in Marion County, and now, it’s traveling and spreading faster than what veterinarians expected it to; which caused the experts to be alarmed about the onset of this possible nationwide health hazard.

Unlike most dog diseases, this one can be transmitted from dogs to humans. Which makes it more dangerous, especially because it means a potential threat to different age groups of dog owners.

The experts are fearing that this disease may soon level up if it is not controlled anytime soon. Clinical signs and symptoms of the disease include sweats, headache, fever, joint pain, and overall body weakness.

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