Guess the Dog Owner – Match the Dog to Their Owner ( Video )

Guess the dog owner. Dogs always look like their owners. So, if you own a dog then here are some interesting questions to guess the owner of the dog. The answers to these questions are very simple so you can easily guess the owner of the dog if you know the owner.

Oh my, oh, look at you. – I think he’s so cute. Chip looks like he’s probably a couch cuddler. He’s a little sausage-shaped. – He’ll do anything for a treat, it looks like. What do you do for a living? – I’m actually a dog trainer. – Are you? – Yeah. – He kinda fits the model of maybe somebody, at least in my mind, that’s a young urban professional at the moment.

Video summary:

You look like you’ll do anything for a treat. What do you like to do on the weekends? – I like to hang out with my dog.

He looks like he might sit on the couch as often as this dog does. – Oh, uh-oh. – Let’s go over here. – A hard no.

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Oh my gosh, it’s a Frenchie, so cute! Walter, what’s up Walter? – Hi, oh hi. – We are very fashionable dog, Walter. So I think that you’ve gotta go with somebody with a chic look, but I’m gonna go with the young lady on the end here.

I think his owner’s a dad. – I don’t know, he’s very persistent. And men are usually persistent when they want something. Oh, I feel like it’s you.

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Cute little puppy, and it looks so good in selfies, so. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be terrible at this game but I don’t care. The puppies are so cute. – Oh, look at this one! Ooh, this is really hard, actually. You’re a little hesitant, okay. Maybe kind of shy? Maybe the owner’s a little shy as well?