Are Dog-Killing Cane Toads Back?

Our dog’s health is so important to us that we tend to worry even about the smallest threat that can cause the protective owner in us to panic. Lately, frogs have been a threat to pet dogs everywhere!

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– Frogs are basically not a threat to dogs, except for one variety that can be fatal to dogs.
– A dog owner from South Florida called the Police Department right after seeing a deadly toad.
– According to the source, this toad is very poisonous and potentially lethal to pet dogs.

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A stressed and worried caller named Ohilda Gilbert sounded so alarmed when she talked with the police officers at South Florida Police Department. The reason for her distressed call? A toad!

It wasn’ any ordinary toad. It was a huge and very warty toad that was known to pose a great threat to pet dogs. Having dogs in her own backyard, Ohilda didn’t want to take any chance and allow the toad to walk away freely, possibly endangering her own dog or other dogs in the neighborhood.

It’s the rainy season again and vets are warning dog owners to be vigilant with possible toad intruders in their yard as they are starting to come out as the grounds are getting wet.

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