Kidney Transplant When Fully Awake? (Extreme Video)

Kidney Transplant When Fully Awakes / C

Liver transplantaion with life reporting on video! Northwestern Medicine has made history in the field of organ transplantation. They successfully performed the first known awake kidney transplant with next-day discharge.

This revolutionary procedure took place at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The patient, a 65-year-old man from Michigan, received a kidney from his daughter.

What makes this transplant extraordinary is that it was done without general anesthesia. The patient remained conscious throughout the surgery.

Innovative Approach to Transplantation

The medical team used a combination of nerve blocks and spinal anesthesia. This approach allowed the patient to be awake and comfortable during the procedure.

Dr. Dinesh Kurian, the lead anesthesiologist, explained that this method reduces the risks associated with general anesthesia. It also promotes faster recovery.

The patient was able to eat, drink, and walk shortly after the surgery. He was discharged from the hospital the very next day, a remarkable feat in transplant medicine.

This groundbreaking procedure opens new possibilities in kidney transplantation. It could potentially make the surgery accessible to more patients, especially those with health conditions that make general anesthesia risky.

The success of this operation demonstrates the continuous advancements in medical science. It showcases how innovative thinking can lead to improved patient outcomes.

The medical team at Northwestern Medicine hopes this approach will become more widely adopted, benefiting kidney transplant patients worldwide.

As transplant techniques continue to evolve, procedures like this awake kidney transplant may pave the way for faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays.

Liver Transplant When Fully Awake / C

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