Importance of Yoga Clothes and Accessories

Why became Yoga Clothes and Accessories so popular? Yoga has become a massive mainstream phenomenon in recent years. According to surveys, over 36 million Americans now practice yoga regularly. Its popularity extends across ages, genders and fitness levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey on the mat, having the proper yoga apparel and accessories can transform and elevate your practice.

In the past, yoga clothes were often little more than old t-shirts and sweats thrown together as makeshift workout gear.

But the athleisure fashion revolution has reached the yoga world and completely changed the game. Now we have access to yoga-specific clothing crafted from high-tech fabrics and flattering designs made for movement and comfort.

The market for yoga gear keeps expanding along with demand from students. Just look at the proliferation of boutique yoga wear brands and the huge selection available on sites like Amazon.

Yoga Clothes and Accessories / Canva
Yoga Clothes and Accessories

So why does your choice of yoga outfit really matter?

Proper clothing can help you move through asanas with greater ease, comfort and range of motion. Remember the last time you tried to twist in a restrictive top or were distracted by ill-fitting shorts?

Not ideal for achieving mindfulness! Performance fabrics that wick sweat and stretch with you can make a world of difference.

Looking and feeling good in a cute yoga get-up can also be an act of self-care and a confidence boost. Don’t underestimate the power of a great yoga wardrobe to elevate your practice.

In this yoga apparel deep dive, you’ll learn about:

  • Choosing flattering, functional fabrics that work for your body and style
  • Must-have yoga props and accessories for every practice
  • Caring for your activewear to maximize its lifespan
  • Reviews of popular athleisure brands to help find your perfect fit

By investing in quality yoga clothing and accessories that make you feel amazing, you’ll set yourself up for yoga success. Let’s journey together to discover your ideal yoga look from head to toe!

The growing popularity of yoga and its impact on activewear

Yoga’s popularity has absolutely exploded in the last 10 years. According to surveys, yoga participation among American adults has tripled since 2012. Pre-pandemic, over 30 million people were hitting the mat on a regular basis. That growth continues today, with more practitioners streaming from home and signing up for classes.

Yogis today also practice more frequently than in decades past. While yogis in the 1960s might have downward dogged once a week, now the average is 1-3 times per week. More people are making yoga a regular habit rather than an occasional stretching session.

This burgeoning interest can be attributed to increased awareness of yoga’s many benefits, from improved flexibility and strength to decreased stress and better sleep.

Celeb devotees like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Levine have also boosted yoga’s cool factor. The proliferation of free online classes made yoga more accessible. Digital platforms continue to lower barriers for beginners.

Importance of Yoga Clothes and Accessories / Canva

Activewear gained momentum?

Activewear brands have responded eagerly to this expanding market. The yoga section has grown from a tiny corner of sporting goods stores to occupy entire walls. Beyond boutique yoga brands, mainstream athleisure retailers like Lululemon now offer expansive yoga-specific lines.

These new yoga apparel options reflect feedback from real-life yogis. Fabrics are now high-stretch to allow free movement through intricate poses. Breathable material wicks sweat during heated flows.

Some leggings even have discreet pockets to hold keys and cards – genius! These purpose-driven designs accommodate routines from vinyasa to acro.

Many yogis say this new generation of thoughtfully-designed activewear has enhanced their practice. Erin, a yoga teacher, swears her new non-slip yoga mat gives her stability to attempt arm balances for the first time.

Brett, a regular practitioner, loves being able to customize his practice bottoms to his height thanks to adjustable ankle cuffs. Most agree that today’s yoga garb is about both function and self-expression.

Ethical clothe production?

The apparel evolution also reflects ethical progress. Many brands now use eco-friendly fabrics like recycled plastic and organic cotton. Manufacturing emphasizing fair wages is also gaining traction. Yogis can honor their on-mat values through sustainable shopping habits.

So don’t settle for poor-fitting t-shirts and old sweats as your yoga uniform! Take time to find pieces that empower your best practice. Yoga fashion today has something for everyone.

Yoga Statistics



  1. Smoking among Practitioners: 53% of yoga practitioners smoke, while 47% do not.
  2. Acro Yoga in the US: 24% of practitioners in the US practice Acro Yoga, and 76% practice other types.
  3. Gender Distribution: 28% of yoga practitioners are male, while 72% are female.
  4. Age 18-24 in the US: 16.9% of practitioners in the US are aged 18 to 24, and the rest are of other ages.
  5. Would Try Hot Yoga: 18% would try hot yoga, whereas 82% would not.
  6. Aspirational Yogis in the US: 55% identify as “aspirational yogis,” while 45% do not.