How To Stop My πŸ• Puppy From Biting? (Video)

So today we’re going to talk about a really popular topic and that is a puppy nipping. That’s pretty common thought out there that puppy nipping is something that dogs will just do when they’re teething. They will eventually grow out of it. All those types of things. Unfortunately that’s not the case. It’s something that it does need to be dealt with while they’re babies. Yeah. So today one of our students Dan has propped his five month old puppy Lucy to come over for a little visit.

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And we’re going to talk a little bit about how to address puppy napping in just a few short minutes. Opposed to having to take months to try to address the issue. So my name is Carl. Welcome back to McCann dog’s.

Here at McCann dogs we’ve helped to train over 80000 dogs now. This is your first time with us make sure you hit that subscribe button so that we can help you to have a well-behaved four legged family member all of the methods that we’ve used to address the puppy napping are specifically directed towards puppies under the age of about six months.

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So keep in mind if you’re having any additional issues that could be a little bit more serious than just basic puppy napping or you’re dealing with a bigger or older stronger dog these tips might not be perfect for you.

We may suggest that you contact your local behaviorist to make sure that you’re getting the right information to keep both you and your dog safe. OK. So why. Typically what situations is she more likely to nip you or the kids.

Where you have a situation very much like this on the ground playing toy out loose clothing.

Puppies are normally crazy?

So basically every situation and every puppy you like so just maybe your normal. You’re normal puppy is crazy right now. OK cool. So first things first.

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She has a very wealthy caller on already good student. Thank you. It’s nice and snug. So what I’m going to try first is the first level of discipline that we use. We called it the passive restraint and this is really good to use in situations when dogs are really hyper like this. So what I’m gonna do is put my hand on her collar and I going to just snuggle against my body I’m just going to hold onto a really tight risk until her subtle.

Holding the collar in a specific way?

So she’s subtle but I can still feel a lot of like intensity to her body. So I’m just going to tell her we just relax a bit more. Good girl. So as soon as I got to let go she starts to sort of move again.

Wwhat I’m looking for her to do is when I let go just to sort of be a little bit calmer now this works very well for some dogs but not all dogs. And she’s high enough right now excited enough that it might not make effect so we may have to go into the next version.

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Well she suddenly a bit now. So how I’m holding her collar right now this is quite specific. My fingers are going underneath her collar and they’re pointing towards her head and I’m holding on either one side of her head or the other I’m not holding like Nita Henry because she could bite my arm or she cannot be this year so you may notice the palm of my hand is bracing against her cheek. So no matter how hard she tries she can’t get me and I can just sort of move around.

She’s actually a she hasn’t really tried to knit once yet. She’s just being too excitable Lin’s moment out there. I just want her to be calm now when I’m trying to get the dog to be calmer my presence and reward and praise you know don’t do that.

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So each time she does something that I don’t like I’m squeezing a little tighter and I’m just giving a little shake on your collar. Good girl. Oh look do you see that. She went to do it again and then she didn’t let it go. Yeah that was super no.

Sound for a while. So this might be something that you and Ellen need to do a little bit like not actually when you need to wipe your paws though do it like a bunny there.

How To Stop My πŸ• Puppy From Biting?
How To Stop My πŸ• Puppy From Biting?