How to Train Any Dog the Basics ( Video )

This one’s particularly interesting though because we have tons of big hyper dogs now as you know I love working with hyper dogs. But trying to convey to people that a hyper dog is a smart dog is sometimes challenging That’s my goal in this class.

Video summary:

It looks like a Boxer Pit mix, so we’re thinking We’re gonna teach our dogs to have a look at us by using a hand signal.

Dogs are heavily responsive to exaggerated body language so in the beginning it might look something like look at me, like this, really really exaggerating We have a nice tight training problem close eye to eye now. I don’t know biscuit too.

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Well and if you were me you would be a little cautious about going eye to eye with a dog like this that you didn’t know, and Is he good with strangers, coming into his area? “He is.”

Okay very good look at me. Yes very good this work right here eye to eye I’m gonna hold up the treat Look at me and since I like what he’s doing I’m gonna click because I like that remember the click means “Good dog, I like what you did, you win a prize.”

Look at me And I’m taking my time getting them to treat, as long as you mark that Behavior with the clicker, to let them know you like it or yes If you’re not using the clicker, Then you can take your time getting the treat to them.

How to Train Any Dog the Basics

Are you worried about the dog training? If yes, then don’t worry. Here I am sharing with you some basic tips for training your dog and you will see the result in a very short time.

Don’t punish your dog

This is a common mistake that almost all of us have done. Punishment will only make your dog aggressive and it will not make them obedient. It will make your dog afraid and scared of you.

So, don’t punish your dog because it will only make your relationship worse. Instead, try to give them positive attention and praise them for good behavior. This will motivate them to repeat the same action again and again.

Avoid harsh words

Never use any harsh words when talking to your dog. It will only make your dog scared and aggressive. So, avoid using harsh words and instead, speak softly and nicely to your dog.

Be calm

If you are angry then your dog will also get angry. So, don’t show your anger towards your dog. You can’t force your dog to do something that you want them to do. So, be calm and relaxed. If your dog sees that you are angry and you don’t know what to do then they will also start acting crazy.

Don’t yell at your dog

Don’t yell at your dog. It is very rude and annoying to yell at your dog. Instead, talk softly and nicely to your dog and try to get their attention by showing some interest in them. This will help them to understand what you want them to do and how you want them to behave.

Use treats

Treats are the best way to train your dog. If you are having a bad day and you are angry at your dog then give him a treat and show your affection towards him. This will make your dog happy and it will make him calm and obedient.

How to Train Any Dog the Basics
How to Train Any Dog the Basics