How To Choose A New 🐕 Puppy?

When expecting a new puppy addition to the family you want nothing but the best. You check out the best day-care facilities, kindergarten and schooling. So, why should it be any different when the new addition is a puppy? Hey, if it’s good enough for stars like Brittany and Paris, who are we to question this new trend in spoiling our pets.

Before buying your new puppy it is advisable to do some research and find out all you can about on the background, general behavior and sociability of the breed you have chosen. If you have young children, would a puppy be suitable? Stop and consider the future. When the puppy grows into a dog, will it still be as much fun? Will it outgrow your home?

It’s all too easy to overlook the fact that what is now a cute little puppy will grow into a dog that without proper training may become unruly and dangerous. Remember all dogs are born wild and need training. Once they know who is the leader… you and not them… they will settle into their new life quite happily.

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When you bring your puppy home make sure their first night away from mom isn’t to stressful. Give your puppy a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in. A fleece blanket would be a good idea and maybe a small teddy bear or other type of soft toy to cuddle up too. This will help relax your puppy and stop it feeling alone.

The first 12–16 weeks of a puppy’s life are all important. This is the time of intense learning and getting the training right now, will reward you with a well-trained obedient dog.

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One thing to remember is it won’t happen in a day. Done with regularity, persistence and a lot of patience over the coming weeks, you and your dog will soon have a great understanding and be the best of friends for many years to come.

Give your puppy time to settle into his new home (and have the necessary injections) then why not arrange a party. Everyone enjoys a party and what better way to introduce your puppy to other dogs and people. Invite your friends, and their dogs, to come and say “Hello”.

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Now, lets get round to organizing the Puppy Shower. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Dogs are natural party animals and will certainly enjoy the day. The party is more to get the puppy used to other dogs and people so it’s no great shake to organize. Maybe decorate the party room with blue or pink balloons and streamers. Put up a “birthday” banner with pictures of your puppy on it. This will get the puppy used to strange things being around.

Make sure there are enough soft toys around for the doggie guest to play with, as this is a great way to teach your new puppy about sharing things. Some of the bigger doggie guests may be a bit to boisterous for the puppy, so watch carefully but don’t take him away from the fun, as he must learn to interact with others. They have to learn not be afraid or intimidated by other dogs.

Look after your new puppy well and you will have the best friend anyone could ever wish for. This article contains paid links.

How Chose new Puppy
How Chose new Puppy