How To Make Hot Chocolate for Dogs ( Video )

Guess what We’re doing today So it has been crazy cold across Much of the United States in other parts of the world and you guys have been asking us to do this for a super long time so today We’re doing it.

We are making Hot chocolate for dogs now mind you there is no chocolate in this recipe we are using our favorite Carob Carob powder no chocolate Carob, so this is a hot chocolate alternative for dogs no chocolate in the recipe.

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Video summary:

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We’re gonna do this very simple Recipe it’s gonna be a little bit different than our other treat videos though because we actually have to cook this one on the stove So let’s get to making oh good stretch some treats Chevys like I’m gonna lay right here and blend in with the floor.

So as I said today’s video actually has to be made on the stove We are making a hot chocolate, but I am going to remind you now You don’t want to give this to your dogs when it’s super super hot if you can’t stick your finger all the way in it